modern tv stands for small spaces

Modern TV Stands From Old TV Stands

TV stand is an important thing for television. By using TV stand, the owner gets many benefits such as protecting their television from water, dust etc. TV stand makes the room neat because people can keep anything in the TV stand. Nowadays, TV stand has transformed into modern TV stands. Price is the common problem for people who want to buy this item. The more modern the TV stand, the […]

rustic oak beam tv stand

Necessity of Rustic TV Stand

Sometimes people are faced with choices, and one of them is about choosing between rustic furniture and sleek furniture. One of furniture that will have this design this time is TV stand that will be the only place to put the focal point in the house (TV). Rustic TV stand design may have crossed someone’s mind while the sleek design may also have crossed him/her. There are actually some considerations […]

diy dresser into a tv stand

DIY TV Stand for Mid-Size TV

DIY TV stand can be made easily if there are right tools and right procedures. Though, if there are tools and procedure, it will be nothing without any idea to build a TV stand. Therefore, having idea on what kind of TV stand that will be made should be considered as well. One type of stand for TV is mid-size TV. This TV has range of 21 inch up to […]

70 inch tv stand black

70 Inch TV Stand for Home Theater

70 inch TV stand will have great space on the stand because it should be capable of carrying heavy TV. This stand is actually not only for 70 inch TV since it can be utilized to other type of screen. However, if it is for smaller screen it will be weird to see since there are still blank space unused. Therefore, it is important to adjust the composition between the […]

z-line tv stand with mount

Z-line TV Stand for Entertainment Media Solution

Z-line TV stand has been produced lately because of modern people’s demand of simplicity. For those who have not heard about this stand, it is actually similar to other TV stands that are divided by panels. The only differences is the side panels are replaced by slant panels connecting from the upper back to the lower front of whole construction. Since basically the stand’s main construction looks like Z, it […]