5 Interesting Facts About Jannat Al Mu’alla Cemetery in Mecca

Jannat al-Mu’alla, also known as the Cemetery of Mala and Al-Hajun, is a cemetery to the north of the Masjid al-Haram, and near the Mosque of the Jinn, in Makkah, Saudi Arabia Wiki. The following are interesting facts about the Al Mu’alla Cemetery:

Important tomb for Muslims

Al Mala Cemetery is a very historic cemetery. Compiled from AFP from various sources, this is the most important cemetery for Muslims in the world after the Baqi Cemetery in Medina.

Cemetery in Mecca

Locals call it Jannat Al Mualla. This cemetery had existed in Mecca since before the Prophet Muhammad was born and still exists today.

The burial place of the family of the Prophet Muhammad

Some important figures in the history of Islam are buried here. They included Siti Aminah, mother of the Prophet Muhammad; Abdul Muttalib, the Prophet’s grandfather; The uncle of the Prophet, Abu Talib then there was the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad, Siti Khadijah.

The tomb was destroyed starting in 1925

Formerly, the form of burial here is the same as in other parts of the world. But since 1925 the tomb building here was destroyed. No more tombs and gravestones. All that was left was flat ground and a row of stones to mark the tomb.

Become a Destination of Pilgrimage and Religion

Al Mu’alla Cemetery is one of the pilgrimages or religious tourism destinations for pilgrims and umrah in Mecca. This place is also one of the burial places for the pilgrims and Umrah who died.

How to get Al Mu’alla Cemetery?

The cemetery is only 1 km from the Grand Mosque to the north, in the Al Hajun area. From the Marwa exit at Sa’i’s place, it takes about 15 minutes to walk. The location is next to the historic Jin Mosque as well. In their spare time, the pilgrims and Umrah like to visit there to pray for relatives who died, the pilgrims, as well as figures of Islamic history.

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