Why is Japan called the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’?

Every country in the world has its own nickname. For example, Japan is known as ‘The Land of the Rising Sun’, why is it called that? Japan has become the dream of a world traveller, especially an Indonesian traveller. Japan has many tourist attractions from beautiful landscapes, distinctive culture, culinary to shopping paradise.

The Land of the Rising Sun is inherent to Japan. The nickname of the country, which feels like everyone knows. But wait, do you know that there is a long history of that nickname? Summarized from various sources, in the days before Christ, the Chinese empire was more advanced, more powerful and more powerful than the Japanese empire. At that time, Japan was called the name Wa which means dwarf.

Even so, the Chinese people at that time called Japan the place of the sunrise. Because Japan’s position is in eastern China, the sun rises first to be seen from there. There is a long history between China and Japan in the early years of the Christian era. China as a developed country at that time became the ‘mecca’ of Japanese people in all things. In short, he said, Japan learned from China.

Around the 6th century AD, Prince Shotoku absorbed many Chinese influences in Japanese life such as administrative systems and others. You could say, Prince Shotoku was a very fan of China.

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Country of the Rising Sun

In fact, he knows, if in fact, Chinese people refer to Japan as the sunrise. Only then did he replace Japan, originally known as Wa, into Nihon or also called Nippon which means ‘the origin of the sun’. However, apparently, the Sui Dynasty which ruled China at that time did not like the name. Especially when Prince Shotoku sent the Emperor’s letter with the words ‘Son of Heaven that appears at the sunrise’.

The problem is, the Sui Dynasty also claims that they are ‘Children from Heaven’. So that there was a conflict at the time, in which the Japanese remained at its founding. Instead, they added the name Nippon, to Dai Nippon. Dai means greater. In the 8th century, the Sui Dynasty was replaced by the Tang Dynasty. Empress Wu Zetian (the only woman who became emperor in China), did not bother. He invited Japan to use the word Nippon.

From there, Japan became known as the Land of the Rising Sun. The sun is inherent in all Japanese lives, including its state flag. The flag of Japan is called ‘Nisshoki’ which means the sun flag. Japanese people prefer to call it the ‘Hinomaru’ or the sun circle. It’s been thousands of years, the nickname of the Rising Sun Country has become the nickname of Japan. Even now, the nickname still continues to be the pride of its inhabitants.

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