12 Most Beautiful Flight Routes in the World

While on vacation, some travelers don’t care about aircraft seats. But if you are on vacation on 12 aircraft routes, you have to sit in a window seat.

Holidays are awaited thing. Flight to various tourist destinations, usually some travelers do not care about the choice of aircraft seats.

Spotted Landdisposition.com from various sources here are 12 flight routes that have super beautiful views from a height. Here are 12 flight routes that are unfortunately if passed without a window seat or window seat on the plane.

Auckland to Queenstown

This trip takes two hours. The scenery begins with green hills on the North Island, across the Cook Strait, snow-capped mountain peaks and alpine valleys with glaciers crossing Lake Tekapo.

Dallas Fort Worth to San Francisco

This trip is the most beautiful route in the US. A view of the Rocky Mountains around Utah, Yosemite National Park and a glimpse of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, the Instagram account.

Port Vila to Tanna Island

You will depart from the capital city of Vanuatu, Port Vila to Mele Bay. Once crossing this bay, the easy access to green trees and blue sea water can make you unable to stop taking photos.

Vancouver to Whitehorse

Being on this route means watching the extraordinary attractions of the universe. It is the phenomenon of the aurora, white peaks, and glaciers that will make you hypnotized.

Hong Kong to London Heathrow

Hong Kong and London trips offer a variety of natural landscapes when crossing in several countries. Starting from the Gobi Desert, the grasslands of Mongolia and Siberia.

Lima to Puerto Maldonado (PERU)

If it’s already on this route, it looks like you won’t stop to take your eyes off the window. From the foot of the Andes Hill to the Amazon forest will continue to spoil your eyes.

Hong Kong to Denpasar

When the plane’s wheels are lifted, your vacation starts. Crossing Kalimantan, you will see Indonesian zambrud strands such as Mount Kinabalu, beautiful forests, rivers.

Sydney to Johannesburg

This route is fairly short. But the scenery presented can fascinate you. For a moment you will see the edges of continents, icebergs, and tundra alternately.

Male to South Ari Atoll, Maldives

The destination is indeed a dream honeymoon destination. When flying, there will be views of luxury resorts, clear sea water, atoll coral reefs and beach sand from behind the window.

Santiago to Punta Arenas

It feels like you can rest while enjoying the view outside the window. Because this route presents views of the Andes Mountains, northern Patagonia, and Fjord lands.

Zurich to Naples

Switzerland is blessed with super beautiful nature. Half the journey, you will be amazed by its nature. Half there will be a view of Mount Vesuvius, Island of Capri, Amalfi Coast.

Mexico City to Puerto Escondido

There are many things that can be your watch while on this flight. You will be taken to cross the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains, Oaxaca City, winding mountain roads and small villages, before descending on the beautiful Puerto Escondido Beach.

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