4 Amazing Underrated Travel Spots in Sri Lanka

A few days ago the act of terrorism again shocked the world. The incident that took place in one of the South Asian countries namely Sri Lanka became the world’s attention. The bomb blast that occurred in a church ravaged the place. At least more than 200 people have been victims in acts of terrorism that afflicted Sri Lanka.

But in this thread, I will not discuss the terrorist incident. But some tourist destinations that can be considered quite amazing in the country of Sri Lanka. Ranging from natural beauty to historic ancient buildings. And here is the full review!

Negombo Beach

Negombo Beach is one of the many tourist attractions with eye-soothing natural beauty. This beach is located not far from Bandaranaike International Airport. Like most beach tourism, Negombo Beach will be very beautiful to enjoy the sunset. The blue sea expanse will turn into a beautiful painting when the sun begins to sink.


Sirigaya image illustration is one of the tourist destinations that is included as seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This place itself is a combination of natural and historical tourism which is an ancient stone palace located on a hill. The location is not far from the city center in the country of Sri Lanka, and this place was once the home to take refuge from the Sri Lankan leader from King Kasyapa’s civil war.


In 1982 Polonnaruwa was awarded as Sirigaya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is because Polonnaruwa is the most ancient city in the country of Sri Lanka. In this place, there are many historical archaeological monuments such as; parakramabahu statue, parakramasamudra and also the royal palace. The location of this place is quite far from the center of Sri Lanka, which ranges from about 169 km to the east.


name Colombo is the last tourist destination I mentioned. Which is where this bombing incident occurred on Sunday, April 21 yesterday. Apart from the bomb incident, Colombo became a tourist spot that must be visited while traveling to Sri Lanka. Because in the largest area in the country of Sri Lanka, Colombo has many amazing things. Among them with the establishment of magnificent buildings in the style of British architectural work that still stands firm.

In addition, in this area it also serves a row of jazz clubs, boutiques and international standard bars, of course. There are also museums, coffee shops and city parks, plus the beauty of the Beira lake and the Kelani river, adding to the impression of the nuances of nature in the middle of the city.

The tourist destinations that I have described above are a small portion of tourist attractions in one of the South Asian countries, Sri Lanka. And of course, there are still many tourist destinations that are no less interesting in that country. Hopefully after the terrorist incident that occurred in Sri Lanka did not affect people’s views of this country.

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