One of the things we should not miss when vacationing in Japan is culinary. Lots of special Japanese food that we should not miss, such as sushi. Other foods that should not be missed when we are in Japan are Onigiri and also delicious Miso soup.

Are you going on vacation to Japan? Let’s try three types of Onigiri and miso soup at this convenience store!

Department Store in Japan

Furijio Jitate Gyu Karubi Yaki

The first Onigiri that must travel mates try when in Japan and can be purchased at the “Family Mart” Convenience Store is Furijio Jitate Gyu Karabi Yaki. If, in general, this Onigiri contains salmon or fish eggs named Mentaiko. This one onigiri contains Gyu Karabi or savory seasoned roasted beef. If Onigiri is usually triangular, this Onigiri has an irregular shape.

Take it easy, even though the shape is irregular, but it still tastes good. Usually, Furijito Jitate Gyu Karubi Yaki is even more delicious when enjoyed using shoyu or soy sauce. Just pay 125 yen, you can feel it!

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Takana * Maki Takuan ** Envy

If Onigiri usually wrapped in seaweed, then travel mates can also taste Onigiri wrapped using Takana leaves. In Japan, Takana is a vegetable leaf that is often used to make pickles. Takana is one of the leaves that usually used as pickles in Japan.

Onigiri is wrapped using thick Takana, and when bitten, a fresh salty taste will emerge. To be able to feel this, Takana onigiri travel mates spend 135 yen.

Instant Onigiri, Japanese Miso Soup

Natto Maki

The third Onigiri, which is unique and might only be able to travel mates found in the land of Sakura Japan, is Natto maki. Natto is a processed soybean that is often consumed by Japanese people every day. Natto maki is one of the innovations because Natto is usually better eaten using soy sauce while stirring in a bowl.

When bitten, the travel mates will feel a bitter and sweet sensation. Besides being delicious, this Natto will also nourish the good bacteria from fermenting, which will facilitate digestion. Just spend 129 yen!

Namo Miso Soup

Nameko Soup is an instant soup that contains nameko or mushrooms that taste a little sticky. Usually, this Miseko Nameko Soup will be bought a lot when winter comes because it will warm and also refresh.

The taste of the Nameko mushroom with its slightly sticky texture tastes very delicious and tasty on the tongue, while the soup of the Miso soup itself is hot, especially when consumed in winter. For travel mates who are on holiday to Japan when winter arrives, and do not want complicated food, we suggest that travel mates buy food on this one.

If travel mates want to taste the unique miso and onigiri soup that we mentioned earlier, we recommend that travel mates try to visit the Family Mart. Nearly 8000 branches of this Family Mart store located throughout the prefecture.

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