4 Other Gloomy Destinations Besides Chernobyl

HBO’s newest mini series: Chernobyl again reminds one of the biggest calamities in history. However, Chernobyl is not the only gloomy destination.

History records April 26, 1986 as one of the darkest days in the world. Right on that date, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant leaked and claimed hundreds of lives.

Not until that, the biggest damage caused by the radiation still remains to this day. Although it has been abandoned and labeled as a red zone, slowly a number of tourists began returning to Chernobyl to travel.

The life of the latest HBO mini series, which has the same title, is one of the lighters as to why the traveler looks back at the long-abandoned destination.

It’s just that, in this world Chernobyl is not the only gloomy destination. Collected by AFP from various sources on Wednesday (06/19/2019), there are still about 4 gloomy destinations which are certainly not as dangerous as Chernobyl.

Nagoro Doll Village

Located in the Shikoku Valley, Japan, Nagoro Village may be called one of the bleak destinations. The reason is that this village is inhabited by puppets that seem to replace the presence in the village. Oh!

Historically, the village was increasingly deserted because it was abandoned by its inhabitants who migrated to death. That made one of the residents, Tsukimi Ayano, fill the void with a human figure.

It is known, there are about 350 human-shaped dolls that ‘inhabit’ the village now. The number also defeats the number of human populations living in the village.

Scott’s Hut

Located in the South Pole, Scott’s Hut is the real proof of the British Antarctic Expedition exploration which was fronted by Robert Falcon Scott in 1911 ago.

Tragically, Scott and his colleagues were killed in the expedition in 1912. In 1956, his tent was again discovered by US explorers in full condition after being buried under the ice.

Miraculously, the conditions outside and inside the tent seemed unchanged after 100 years. Its existence still exists today.

Kleiner Gleichberg Mountains

Next is the Gleichberg Kleiner Mountains located in Thuringia, Germany. The location is a bit below the popular Mount Gleichberge.

It is known, there is no dark history related to this place. Only if you are in the winter, can you find a gloomy atmosphere that is not inferior to the scenes in horror films.

Forest Haven Mental Hospital Mental

Hospitals are attached to many gloomy stories, including Forest Haven Asylum in Maryland, USA. His presence was even more grim after closing in 1960 ago.

Now the ex-mental hospital is decorated with lots of graffiti and broken interiors that have been eaten for a long time.

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