5 Foods That Can Make Skin Glowing

Having natural bright skin is the desire of women. The term today is glowing. The more glowing, the more confident it feels. Well, to get this glowing skin is not easy. Even some women end up looking for shortcuts. For example facial surgery or injections of vitamin C. The cost of such treatments is fairly expensive.

But if you do not want to drain the bag there are other ways that are easier. Even nutritionist Dr. Maria Charlotte BMedSci said, with these 5 foods can make the skin shine inside and out.


Foods That Can Make Skin Glowing

“Salmon contains omega 3 as a natural antiaging because there is DHA,” said doctor Cherry, greeting him. Besides making you stay young. Salmon also provides a moisturizing and tightening effect on the skin. Vitamin D functions as an anti-inflammatory agent that can fight acne, skin redness, and irritation.


Cabbage vegetables

These vegetables are red and white. Contains 3-carbonize which is a powerful antioxidant. These antioxidants are detoxifying from toxins due to dull skin, nutritionist Shilpa Arora said as quoted by food.ndtv.com. This Delhi doctor also revealed that cabbage contains 6-8 times more vitamin C than oranges. So that it can brighten the skin from the outside and inside.

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bean sprouts

Alfalfa is a kind of sprouts. Usually used to complement or garnish the salad. According to doctor Cherry, this vegetable contains zinc which is good for skin rejuvenation. In addition to rejuvenating, alfalfa also has chlorophyll which can make skin look clean, quotes Stylecraze. Vitamin A and its enzymes also maintain healthy and moist skin.

Cherry tomato


Although small, this tomato tastes sweet. Besides being sweet, cherry tomatoes are rich in nutrients. There are vitamins, antioxidants, to anticancer. Citing the journal National Library of Medicine of the American National Institutes of Health, these nutrients can protect the skin from appearing dull due to free radicals. While vitamin C can make the skin look naturally glowing.

Romaine Lettuce

Healthy Lettuce

This green vegetable contains lots of water. Eating lettuce can hydrate the skin from the inside to be moist. The content of vitamins A and C in green vegetables is believed to maintain health, tighten, and smooth the skin. Not only these five foods, but some other healthy foods can also maintain the skin healthy from the inside. Even the doctor who practices at ID Beauty Clinic said: “Almost all vegetables can make skin glowing, so eat vegetables,” concludes Doctor Cherry.

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