5 Reasons You Must Fly with Singapore Airlines

Traveling abroad with long flight times is tiring. Therefore, when deciding to fly, you must pay attention to the selected airline. Well, one of the airlines that can be considered is Singapore Airlines.

The airline from Singapore is indeed known as one of the best airlines in the world. In fact, 5 Reasons You Must Fly with Singapore Airlines has won various kinds of awards, one of which is the award given by this year’s Middle East Traveler Business.

Now, what makes Singapore Airlines the best airline? Check out some of the advantages it has.

Comfortable Cabin

In flights, especially long flights, passengers must be made to feel as comfortable as possible. With Singapore Airlines, you can get a comfortable cabin experience. For example on Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 and Airbus A350 aircraft that offer 9 seats in each row, rather than 10.

For economy class only, for example, Singapore Airlines provides leather seats. You can also choose a relieving leg room, and choose a seat adjacent to the exit. Economy class is comfortable, especially the business class and the other class. Of course, it will be more comfortable.

Trained Aircraft Crew

If you fly with Singapore Airlines, get ready to feel the experience like a king. This is because Singapore Airlines has a highly trained flight crew. For your information, before plunging into the field, the crew had passed a training period of around 4 months.

The training program conducted by Singapore Airlines is even longer than the aviation industry standard. So, don’t be surprised if you will be served kindly by the flight crew. Their ability to spoil passengers is undoubted.

Quality Food Menu

The next advantage offered by Singapore Airlines is a quality food menu. Because it has a quality food menu, Singapore Airlines has even won awards.

Not without reason if the airline gets an award regarding the food menu. One of them is because Singapore Airlines always presents a diverse menu by the best chefs. Apart from that, the airline always pays attention to and maintains the texture of the food from made to served to passengers. So, food will stay warm when eaten.

Various Interesting Entertainment

Flying with a distance of dozens to tens of hours can make you bored on the plane. But don’t worry because Singapore Airlines provides a variety of interesting entertainment on the plane.

The intended entertainment starts from movies, music, TV series, to gamesinteresting to play. In total there are more than 1,800 entertainment options presented by the airline. The screen size is wide with a minimum size of 10.6 inches for economy class and 23 inches for class suites.

Best Fleet

Many people are still afraid to travel by plane. However, you don’t need to worry because Singapore Airlines has the best aircraft fleet. The airline has around 9 types of aircraft, ranging from Airbus A330, Boeing 777, and others.

The fleet owned by Singapore Airlines is safe and equipped with advanced technology. So that passengers do not need to worry and will feel comfortable in flight.

That was a glimpse of the advantages possessed by Singapore Airlines. If you have a plan to go on vacation or business trip, then Singapore Airlines can be an attractive choice.

You can also book Singapore Airlines flights using the application or through the Traveloka website. You can also choose the desired chair easily.

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