Talking about Indonesia’s natural beauty is endless, ranging from mountains, beaches, to savannah. Savannah is a vast meadow surrounded by trees and hills. In addition, the savanna is also usually a living habitat for wildlife reserves because it is still beautiful.

The world-famous savannas are usually in Africa or New Zealand. But speaking of beauty, savannas in Indonesia dare to compete. The location is also scattered in various areas so you have many choices to go depending on the contents of the bag and the time available. summarizes the six savannas tours that you deserve to visit to spend time with your loved ones, reported from various sources.

Wairinding Hill ( Bukit Wairinding )

Savanna Hill

Savanna Hill

Wairinding Hill is one of the popular destinations for tourists visiting East Nusa Tenggara. Located in the village of Pambota Jara, District Pandawai, East Sumba, you will be treated to a stretch of yellowish grass during the dry season and green grass during the rainy season.

Quite often, you can also see the joy of children playing and running on this hill. You can access this hill using travel services or rent a vehicle from the city centre. Car rental rates range from Rp600 thousand including drivers and motorbike rental rates are Rp100 thousand per day.

There is no fee for entry tickets to this savanna, it’s just that every visitor who comes is advised to fill in the guest book and give sincere money.

Savanna Destinations

Kenawa Island, Sumbawa, NTB

Located in Sumbawa West, West Nusa Tenggara, this savannah is called a hidden paradise. Otherwise, the 15-hectare island presents us with a patch of grass surrounded by the ocean. Also unique is that there is only one hill on this uninhabited island.

Because of its location surrounded by the sea, access to this savanna must use a ship. First of all, you have to sail using a ferry to Poto Tano Harbor in West Sumbawa from Kayangan Harbor in East Lombok for two hours. The price of boarding this ship depends on the class of vehicle you are carrying.

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After arriving at the Port of Poto Tano, you must continue the journey using a fishing boat for 15 minutes to get to Kenawa Island. A breeze with a wide meadow accompanied by morning and twilight sky certainly can provide an atmosphere of peace and calm.

Savanna in Indonesia

Oro-Oro Ombo

Oro-Oro Ombo, Mount Semeru

The savannah this time is a little different because you will see a stretch of purple flowers surrounded by grass. The type of flower that surrounds this beautiful meadow is the verbena flower. The stretch of savanna on Mount Semeru reaches 20 hectares.

If you are interested in visiting this savanna, you should prepare yourself to climb Mount Semeru. The location of Oro-Oro Ombo Mount Semeru is close to Ranu Kumbolo, precisely behind the Hill.

Savana Bekol

Savana Bekol

Savana Bekol, Baluran National Park, East Java Cinta

Africa van Java, the term for Baluran National Park in Situbondo Regency, East Java. This vast expanse of grassland is a habitat for 444 species of trees, 26 species of mammals and 155 species of birds, some of which are endangered species. The 22.5 hectare Padang is a suitable place for nature trips while watching safaris.

Located at the end of the island of Java, you can use a car from Surabaya or Bali to get to this savanna location on the border of Situbondo and Banyuwangi. Another access is by plane to Banyuwangi, then you have to use a car again to get to this national park.

Not only savanna that you can find in Baluran National Park, forests, beaches, to caves you can visit. The price of admission to this park is IDR 10,000 for domestic tourists and IDR 150 thousand for foreign tourists. On weekends, ticket prices rise to Rp17.5 thousand and Rp225 thousand for foreign tourists.

Tegal Panjang

Tegal Panjang

Tegal Panjang, Mount Papandayan

Fatigue when climbing Mount Papandayan can begin to pay off when you have arrived at Tegal Panjang. This savanna is a protected conservation place because it is a habitat for endangered animals such as panthers, wild boars, and tiger.

This savanna has an area of 46.8 hectares. The wide expanse of green grass made Tegal Panjang earned its nickname New Zealand from Indonesia.

Teletubbies Hill, Mount Prau

Mount Prau is famous for its sunrise camp, but the savanna offered on the mountain in Wonosobo Regency is equally beautiful. You just walk a little from sunrise camp and you will find Bukit Teletubbies/Teletubbies Hill which features a beautiful expanse of grass, especially at dusk with an orange sky and even purple.

You can access this savanna by climbing Mount Prau and takes approximately three hours.

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