Kecksburg UFO incident is a report of the sight of a fireball in the sky Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, United States. Astronomers say the Kecksburg UFO Incident is likely a meteor that fell into the atmosphere and caught fire.

Until now, the Kecksburg UFO Incident has never been apparent, but the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) reported in 2005 that experts have examined fragments in the area and claimed it came from a satellite of the Soviet Union.

The Kecksburg UFO incident became popular and was associated with a variety of things, from alien planes to the remnants of the Soviet Cosmos 96 spacecraft. On December 9, 1965, thousands of people in six states of the United States (US) and Ontario reported seeing a fireball in the sky in the afternoon.

Some say the fireball is a copper-colored spacecraft, is 15 feet long, and is circled by inscriptions like Egyptian hieroglyphs. In Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, people reported an object that had fallen near the forest. US military personnel then immediately came and closed the area. According to some people, they were seen moving a large object onto a truck.

9 December Kecksburg UFO Incident 54 Years ago

Information About Kecksburg UFO incident

The next day, was an official statement about the fireball and connected with the fall of a medium-sized meteor. However, there is nothing left of the forest in Kecksburg. An astronomer named Paul Annear said the fireball was likely a meteor that entered Earth’s atmosphere.

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Geophysicist George Wetherilo doubts that the ball came from satellite debris, and agreed that the incident was likely a meteor. This was confirmed by astronomers Willam P. Bidelman and Fred Hess, who stated that it must be a meteor.

Several scientific publications were also written about the event. The February 1966 edition of the Sky Telescope reported that the incident was seen above the Detroit-Windsor area around 16.44 EST.

The Federal Aviation Administration received 23 reports from aircraft pilots. A seismograph in the southwest records the shock waves that appear when the fireball enters the atmosphere. While two other astronomers also wrote the incident in the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (JRASC).

In December 2005, NASA reported that experts examined the metal fragments in the area and said they came from Russian satellites that reentered the atmosphere. However, records of this discovery were lost in the 1990s.

Because these records are lost, NASA was even charged with the Freedom of Information Act. NASA later agreed to search this record again. However, they still did not find it. Because it is still blurred, the fireball incident is then often associated with alien rides that fall to Earth. This event was known as the Kecksburg UFO Incident.

In fact, the Kecksburg community also organized a festival to commemorate the incident.

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