Imagine a house with beautiful views, the most undoubtedly is the alleged exorbitant price. What if it turns out that the house was even given free? That’s what is offered by the city of Cammarata in Sicily, Italy. They offered free housing to new residents, in order to save the magnificent buildings left by the residents.

“I cannot see the magnificent historical building empty and damaged. It hurts,” Cammarata Mayor Vincenzo Giambrone was quoted as saying by CNN.


He admitted that he did not want to see the magnificent houses in his town abandoned. Giambrone added, the homeowners did not realize the impact on the city as a whole after they left the house. For this reason, he invited newcomers to live in the abandoned building. He also spent 3 years asking the homeowner to give the house to new residents for free.

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There are 12 empty property options in Cammarata. Giambrone hopes that 100 other buildings can also be “saved”. Giambrone said, “New buyers are welcome to secure this fragile wall and revive this historic area.” It is said that Cammarata is very open, especially for young couples. Whereas young couples who have children will be prioritized to settle there.


Before carrying out renovations or changes to the house to be occupied, each family is required to pay a deposit of 4,300 euros, which will be returned when the renovation is complete. Besides getting the lure of a free house, CNN also reported that couples who have babies will receive a bonus of 865 euros.

Cammarata itself is a city located in a mountainous area. The location is about 40 miles southeast of Palermo and 22 miles north of Agrigento. This area gets praise from TripAdvisor as a place that offers “beautiful views of heaven” with amazing architecture and food.

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