Halong Bay has long been a tourist magnet to visit Vietnam. It’s so beautiful, the bay which has more than 1,600 large and small islands of white limestone is included as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The beauty of Halong Bay is able to attract 10 million foreign tourists every year. Unfortunately, too many tourist visits to Halong Bay also have a negative impact, which is water pollution from ships carrying tourists and waste left behind.

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The Vietnamese government then restricted the Halong Bay exploration route, only opening five routes for boat trips. Now a new way appears to look at Halong Bay, which is by air. Precisely by boarding the Bell 505 helicopter. Halong Bay tours by helicopter are offered by the Northern Vietnam Helicopter Company.

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There are three packages offered, divided by flight time. The first 12-minute package is valued at 125 US dollars, then a 25-minute package at a price of 255 US dollars, and a 40-minute package at a price of 396 US dollars, per person.

All helicopters departed from Tuan Chu Island and ended up flying over Ga Choi Islet, Bai Tu Long Bay, Titop Island, Hang Thien Cung Cave, and Reu Island.

Whereas longer flights are added to:

  • Goa Hang Sung Sot
  • Hang Trong Cave
  • Cua Van Fisherman Village
  • Vung Ha Beach
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Actually, the air tour is not entirely new at Halong Bay. Hai Au Aviation company operates flights over Halong Bay in recent years. But unlike the helicopter tour that contains three passengers, this tour uses a plane containing 12 people.

The price starts from 2.4 million dongs per person, equivalent to $105 per person. Prices can also increase depending on the season of tourist visits. Enjoying the views of Halong Bay from the top corner also gives a different experience than from the ship. The configuration of Bai Tu Long Bay will appear more extensive and comprehensive.

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