Wearing shoes on the streets may be natural. But the small Andaman village in India actually prohibits residents from wearing shoes when entering the village.

Perhaps the name of the Andaman village is very foreign, but this is a small village in Tamil Nadu, southern India. The distance of the village is around 450 km from the capital of Tamil Nadu. Quotes by BBC Andaman Village at a glance look ordinary. The community works and goes to school like other villagers.

But if you look closely, there is something unique here. Andaman Village residents do not wear shoes or footwear in their village area. If you take off your shoes when you enter the temple it’s normal. Andaman villagers will take off their footwear when entering the village area.

A Small Village in India That Prohibits Residents from Wearing Shoes

What’s the Reason?

Have any reason, there are important things that are held tightly by the residents of this village. Local people believe that the Andaman Village is protected by Dewi Muthyalamma. Dewi Mutyalamma is very strong. So that residents do not use footwear as a sign of respect. There are no written rules for not using footwear. But local residents claimed to feel embarrassed and like insulting other residents who took off their footwear.

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This tradition is run by residents with willingness. There is no compulsion, just a form of love from the population to Dewi Muthyalamma. Ranging from children to old people seen barefoot. They will carry their shoes until they leave the village. After that, then Andaman residents wear footwear.

Exceptions apply to elderly people. Andaman residents understand these needs. Even tourists who come will be informed about this tradition. To understand immigrants, residents usually still allow tourists to wear socks.

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