A vacation to Douro City of Portugal Can Stay in a Wine Barrel

Ever imagined staying in a giant barrel that holds wine? If you are on holiday in Portugal, how come you can try it! There is one unique inn in Portugal. Right in the middle of the wineries in the City of Douro, about 3.5 hours by car from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

This inn is unique because it is made of giant wooden barrels that are usually used to store wine. The location was deliberately placed lined up in the middle of the wineries. The name of this inn is Quinta da Pacheca.

Wine Barrel hotel

Collected by Landdisposition.com from several sources, from outside this inn did look like an ordinary wooden barrel. But once inside, a traveler will find facilities like a star hotel room.

Once inside this wooden barrel, a traveler will feel the atmosphere of a real hotel room. There is a bathroom and also a comfortable bed inside. The room is also equipped with air conditioning plus WiFi so that the traveler does not die style.

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At the back of the barrel, there is a circular glass window that directly faces the wineries. Just imagine in the morning when you open your eyes, a traveler will see a vineyard view as far as the eye can see.

Wine Barrel hotel

This Quinta da Pacheca winery has been around since the 16th century. Until now, these wineries still produce wine with red wine, white wine, and rose wine. There are 10 wine barrel-shaped rooms in Quinta da Pacheca. These rooms were designed by Paulo Pereira and Maria do Cey Goncalves, who are also the owners of this winery.

For a traveler who is a phobia of narrow and closed rooms, the Quinta da Pacheca is also available in normal hotel rooms in the main building of this plantation. A traveler can try staying in this wine barrel at a price of 238 Euros (equivalent to 267) per night.

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