There is an ancient palace that is very well maintained and still stands majestically in Osaka, Japan. It’s called Osaka Castle, the ancient palace of Osaka’s pride. Have you come here?

Like other big cities in developed countries, Osaka has a city landscape dominated by wide paved roads, neat sidewalks and tall buildings that soar into the sky. However, there is an incomplete historical legacy if you don’t visit it when visiting Osaka Japan.

The heritage is Osaka Castle which is located in the heart of Osaka City. This building became a historical heritage of Japanese society which was built during the 15 years of 1583 to 1598.

There is a lot of transportation that can be used to get to this ancient palace which is located at Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu. When using the train, visitors can get off at Morinomiya station which is part of the Osaka Metro network on the south side of Osaka Castle. But if you don’t want to bother moving public transportation, there are taxis that can be chosen to take you to the location.

Once entering the castle area, visitors will be welcomed by a beautiful view of a giant wall surrounded by an artificial lake. Piles of dark gray stones combined with blue water in an artificial lake become an interesting combination that spoils the eyes.

Continue walking inside, visitors will be greeted by a giant gate with a roof design typical of ancient Japanese buildings. Ote-guchi-masugata Gate is named.

The walls are dominated by gray and pure white. While the gates made of steel are given a black color matching the precarious colors used.

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As you enter the gate, the old nuances are thicker and you feel welcomed by the Sengan-yagura Turret or the Sengan-yagura tower. In wartime, this dancer was filled with the best archers who would drive the enemy who wanted to break through the gate of Ote-guchi.

Sengan-yagura Tower is one of the oldest buildings in Osaka Castle. Together with the Inui-yagura tower, this tower is designated as an important asset of Japanese culture. Walking again inside, visitors will be greeted by the Hokoku Temple located on the south side of Osaka Castle.

Torii or the gate of a typical Japanese temple is the first building ornament to be found before entering the temple area. After that, a bronze statue of Toyotomi Hideyoshi was found which was an important figure in history unifying Japan.

Main Area

Japan Castle, Osaka Castle

Next is the main area of ​​Osaka Castle. Visitors will be greeted again by steel gates but with smaller sizes which are still dominated by black and white. This gate is the road to the main area of ​​Osaka castle.

From here, visitors will be accompanied by shady trees to head to Tenshukaku or the main building of Osaka Castle. From a distance, Tenshukaku Osaka Castle looked so beautiful visible from the cracks of the leaves.

The Price for Entering Osaka Castle

Japan Castle, Osaka Castle

Up to this point, visitors are not charged at all, even though it is free. New visitors will be charged a fee when entering the main building. At the counter, visitors will be collected around 600 Yen ($6 US dollars) per person. After buying an entrance ticket at the counter, visitors just need to climb the stairs to the main building.

Outside view, this palace is dominated by black and white walls with terraced roof sections. The face of the roof is adorned with beautiful golden carved ornaments blended with green roof tiles. The entire building that looks ancient managed to blend with the background of a modern city landscape.

Inside the main building, there are two choices that can be taken to reach the top of the building. Can use lifts or stairs. Each floor has its own uniqueness which basically tells the history of Japanese unification in Nobunaga’s era.

Satisfied with exploring Tenshukaku Osaka Castle, visitors can enjoy the park around the castle. There are no street vendors here, but there is a vending machine ready to pamper visitors who are exhausted by refreshing cold drinks.

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