Something is interesting at the San Antonio Zoo, USA. Do they have lego animals, animals made of millions of legos, curious?

After being closed for some time due to the Corona pandemic, the world’s zoos began to open doors for tourists slowly. Including, San Antonio Zoo, USA. Even though it has been opened, people certainly still feel anxious when visiting public places.

Therefore, the San Antonio Zoo, USA, has an interesting way to attract visitors to their place.

San Antonio Zoo

San Antonio Zoo displays a replica of many animals built from legos. They worked with famous New York artist Sean Kenney, who is also a certified Lego professional.

Even this exhibition was given the title ‘Wild Connections’ and could be seen by visitors until September 5. There are 30 lego statues that visitors can see at the zoo.

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You can find other lego animals such as pandas, lemurs, turtles, fish, chameleons, bulls, lions, frogs, bears, fish, deer, various birds such as peacocks and bald eagles, and even insects such as bees and butterflies too made from lego pieces.

San Antonio Zoo

Can you imagine how difficult it is to build an animal replica of millions of LEGOs? Need accuracy, extra patience in this exhibit, and visitors can see on the board, how long it took to build the statue and the number of LEGO blocks used by Sean.

Not only the shape is similar, but the body and color details are also very realistic in this LEGO replica. For example, a statue of a baby panda takes 405 hours to make it using 53,460 bricks.

At the same time, the bald eagle statue takes 184 hours with 42,198 pieces of bricks to build it. This is a high dedication during a pandemic by the artist!

For children, Lego is one of their favorites, because they usually use it to play. Now with this exhibition, the zoo manager hopes to lure the children into being enthusiastic about the lego animal replica. more info

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