A beautiful island in Greece is looking for residents. Anyone who wants to live on this island will be paid 500 Euros every month. Antikythera, a beautiful island in Greece is looking for residents. A traveler who is willing to move to this island will be paid every month. The amount is quite decent, amounting to 500 Euros if converted to around US $554.

Compiled by Landdisposition from several sources, this step was taken because the population in Antikythera continued to decline. From the original 300 people in the early 20th century, up to now, there are only dozens of people left. The last population census said that the Antikythera island was only inhabited by 24 people. The number could increase to 40 people when summer arrives, the rest returns to normal.

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Antikythera island itself is located between the islands of Crete and Kythira. To go here, a traveler can take a flight for 45 minutes from Athens, the capital of Greece.

The cause of the decline in the population of Antikythera is, among others, the younger generation who prefer to move to another island that is more populous, Crete for example. As a result, the only remaining generation of those who still live and survive in Antikythera.

The idea to hire a traveler who wants to move to Antikythera was put forward by the Greek Orthodox Church. They are ready to become sponsors and pay traveler salaries for the next 3 years.

Not only get paid, a traveler who is willing to move to Antikythera will also get a plot of land to build a house or start a business. Or a traveler can also work as a fisherman, the most common profession there. So bread makers can also be on this island. There are no special requirements for moving to Antikythera Island. What is clear, travelers who already have a partner or who are married will be preferred.

“We are looking for many new families to move here to defend our island,” said Andreas Harlakis, Mayor of Antikythera Island.

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