This village in China is behind a cliff. This village used to be very isolated but is now becoming famous.

Compiled by from various sources, residents in Sichuan Province, China, had to go down the stairs on the cliff. Unmitigated, the 800-meter cliff must be passed by adults to children.

In the past

In 2016, for the sake of going to school, children in Sichuan Province, China is determined to bet their lives. These school children must climb steep cliffs as high as 800 meters, to reach their school.

The village of Atule’er, which has a population of no more than 400, drew public attention after the national media Beijing News released shocking photos. The photo shows 15 schoolchildren with the youngest age of about 6 years climbing a creeper on a cliff.

Atule'er Horrible Village

Locals call the wooden creeper stairs attached to the steep cliff, the ‘sky ladder.’ Fortunately, it is not every day that schoolchildren climb steep cliffs. Because of the challenging journey, these children only return home twice a month. But still, they had to go on a long trip for 2 hours.

Beijing News photographer Chen Jie, who took the photos, claimed that she first heard about the village from her friends. When he learned that school children would return home on May 14, 2016, Chen decided to participate.

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Carrying the camera in hand, Chen captured the unusual journey of the children as they climbed the 17 steps up the steep rocky cliff. “It’s quite dangerous to climb. I can’t imagine what it’s like to go down a cliff (with the same stairs),” Chen told CNN.

Some of the children’s parents voluntarily volunteered to watch the children. Chen claimed to be astonished and could not help thinking when comparing the big difference between the children of Atule’er Village with the children of wealthy families in the capital city of Beijing.

In recent decades, Chinese authorities have built many infrastructures to support economic growth. But still millions of citizens are below the poverty line. Chinese authorities insist they will eradicate poverty to the most apprehensive areas. That includes Liangshan Prefecture, which is the location of a village famous for its sky stairs.


A boy named Mouse Labo found his new life in the development of his hometown, Atule’er Village. This village is a village on the side of a famous cliff in Sichuan.

In the past, villagers here did not have access to roads. When out, they have to go down a cliff as high as 800 meters with a terrible ladder. In 2016, steel stairs were built. Many 2,556 steps have replaced the terrible stairs before, and that significantly improves the economic conditions of the local population.

Not only that, the Internet opens up a more full potential for local villagers to connect with the outside world. The Labo Mouse in 2017 began recording its daily life, such as herding sheep, crossing a suspension bridge and climbing a cliff, with a cellphone, and posting it on a live broadcast platform.

It became famous on the Internet in a short time. In early 2018, the village, which has unique geography, strives to develop its village tourism. Of course, tourism will help increase the income of local villagers. The Labo Mouse is then employed by a travel agent to become a tour guide.

Until now, the Labo Mouse is still recording changes that have occurred in the cliff-side village with his cellphone. From the Internet, this village was introduced to the outside world and became a famous tourist destination.

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