Baiae, Sin City Under the Sea of ​​Italy

The city is full of gold, casinos, and nightlife, apparently not in modern times. For example in Italy, with witnesses dumb under the sea.

This is Baia or Baiae, a region in Italy that was once the center of five-star nightlife in Roman times. In the past, people made it a famous luxury recreation place, but now only statues and building structures are silent under the sea of ​​Naples.

Collected from BBC Travel, Baia is located 240 kilometers from Rome. Approximately, if taken by land, the trip takes around 2 hours 56 minutes.

The beach is quite beautiful, with a view of the blue sea with classic European-style houses in the vicinity. However, if you do not trace the underwater, it will not be imagined that this was once an upscale entertainment center of ancient times.

So the story is like this, Baia is located under the foot of Mount Vesuvius. Roman era, entertainment centers are equipped with resorts, spas, and other luxury recreational places. However, in the 8th century, the army of the Saracens (Sultan Salahuddin forces) attacked ‘Las Vegas‘ in the style of Italy in this era.

In the past, ‘Las Vegas‘ was very famous. Even a Julius Caesar, until Emperor Nero once built a villa building in Baia City. But the triumph of Baia for about 3 centuries must end, along with the fall of the Roman Empire. Baia was destroyed after being attacked by the Barbarians, and also Muslim forces in the 8th century.

Be, in 1500 the people of Baia left their homes. Over time, the height of the water more and more came and made Vesuvius volcano activity increase. Finally, Baia sank under the bay of Naples.

Then, in the 1940s a pilot showed a photo from the air about Baia. Then geologists research further about the history and origins of life there. As time went on, in 2002 this place was again opened to the public.

Things To Do in Baia Italy

Even though it is not now the place for the upper class to spend their holidays, Baia remains a world-class destination with beautiful natural charm. Especially lovers of diving, snorkeling, and the sea.

Some diving spots in Baia include Smokey Reef, Portus Julius, Pisonian Villa, Protiro Villa, Maritime Villa, Aragonese Castle, Sunken Nymphaeum to Miseno Lighthouse. Of course, this is a unique attraction, because the former Baia building can still be found under the sea.

In fact, some of the great unique and historic relics are here. Like Baia Castle, Serapis Temple, and very beautiful Rione Terra Castle.

How to Get Baia?

If you from Naples City, You need to get to Napoli Monsanto to pick up the Cumana line. Coming from Rome that will mean going downstairs at Napoli Centrale to the Piazza Garibaldi station to get the Metropolitano to Montesanto.

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