Ban Kok Sa-Nga or better known as cobra village. This is where humans and snakes live side by side. This cobra village is in northern Thailand, precisely in Khon Kaen Province. If you drive from Bangkok, it takes about 7 hours.

Imagine, 140 houses there have at least 1 cobra or python (mostly cobras). The people there have lived with snakes for the past 60 years.

Why do they live with snakes?

More than 60 years Ban Kok Sa-Nga residents have lived with snakes. Initially, they wanted to revive the village with a cobra performance. Through shows like that, of course, they can make money.

Ban Kok Sa-Nga, Cobra Village in Thailand

But along with the development of the times, it has been eroded. But still, keeping snakes has become commonplace and continues to be done by each generation.

Bualee is known as the most senior snake charmer there. He has worked like a snake charmer for 50 years and has toured Koh Samui, Phuket, and Krabi.

“I have been bitten by a cobra 21 times,” he said, laughing.

3 His finger had to be amputated because of a cobra bite. He was not sad at all bitten by a cobra. Why is that so?

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“We’ve lived with snakes for years. If any of them die, then we will make offerings at the temple,” he explained.

Bualee explained, living with snakes in his village had been taught to children from an early age. Children are taught about how to feed snakes or tame.

“Every parent is free to teach according to their own ways,” he said.

But of course, security is the most important. The cobra that is kept has its cage in the form of a box. The snakes are not released just like that.

Ban Kok Sa-Nga, Cobra Village in Thailand

One of the great attractions in Ban Kok Sa-Nga and it still exists today is snake boxing, boxing between humans and snakes.

In this fist, a snake will be made angry, and a man will enter the ring to tame it. The more snakes get mad, and the more difficult it is to tame, the snake’s fist looks more exciting!

The snakes in Ban Kok Sa-Nga are already used to humans. Don’t be surprised if you see children draping snakes around their necks while kissing them.

“Only a few snakes that we often show for tourist events. More than that, we here are really in love with snakes,” said Bualee.

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