Bateaux-Mouches Experience a Romantic Dinner in Paris

A vacation to Paris feels incomplete if you don’t do something romantic. How about having dinner on a boat along the Seine?

While having dinner, all look at the beauty of Paris at night. But if you come in the summer, the sun will still shine until 22:00 local time, so that the city can still be seen clearly.

The ship operator named Bateaux Mouches was founded by Jean Bruel in 1949. Bateaux Mouches became the operator of ships on the oldest Seine River in the world.

Landdisposition had the opportunity to try dinner on this boat in mid-June when the Paris weather was very friendly. The sun shines brightly with air temperatures around 24 degrees Celsius, warm and does not need a thick jacket to walk outside.

To be able to take dinner here, you must reserve a place online. The price starts from 79 euros or around US $89.

Before paying, first, select the available hours and according to your wishes. At that time, detikTravel chose at 18:00 local time. Remember! Do not be late.

Ship Tourism Capital will depart 10 minutes before the specified time. If the ticket is late, the ticket will be forfeited, it will no longer be used at a later time

Before leaving, passengers were provided a place to wait near the boat dock. In this room, passengers are asked to choose a menu that will be served on the ship later.

The menu consists of appetizers, main meals, desserts, complimentary drinks (wine, soft drinks or juice), and after-meal drinks such as hot tea and coffee.

Various foods served in the form of typical French food, such as duck foie gras, creamy pea soup, and others. Every two guests will be given a bottle of wine according to taste for the food companion.

While eating, passengers will be invited to walk along the River Seine while passing through several historic buildings such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Alexander III Bridge, Pont Neuf, Orsay Museum, Louvre Museum to Napoleon’s tomb at Les Invalides.

Travel and dinner take about one to one hour and a half. After the ship rests on the dock the passenger is welcome to go down.

If it turns out the food is still not finished? Don’t worry, passengers are still given time to finish their meals even though the ship is no longer sailing.

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