10 Pedestrian streets in the world are very epic for the Instagram background. Who knows, it could be your inspiration for traveling.

The influence of social media makes the streets not only enjoy with the eyes but also perpetuate them with a camera. Kindergarten seekers take ordinary pictures, the angle must be right to be liked on social media. Well, for you, Instagrammable photo hunters, you should try photo hunting in the beautiful streets of this world.

Jinli Pedestrian Street, Chengdu, China

Jinli Pedestrian Street

Along the road, Jinli Pedestrian Street is filled with houses and shops in the style of the Qing Dynasty. Also equipped with red lanterns and traditional signboards that make it a tourist attraction when in Chengdu, China. This street is very historic. Its existence has existed since 1,800 years and was fenced off in 2004. Because of its age, it is one of the oldest shopping places in Sichuan Province.

Lombard Pedestrian Street, San Francisco

Lombard Street San Francisco

This road is also famous for the nickname ‘The Most Curved Road in the World’ because of its sharp and winding bends. The street in San Francisco is also equipped with brightly colored and eye-catching buildings. Because of this uniqueness, many tourists come to take pictures on this winding road. The road is not long, but very ‘eye candy’ if the millennial kids say.

Philosopher’s Path, Kyoto, Japan

Philosopher's Path Kyoto

Clean canals and blossoming Sakura flowers make a canal that runs between Ginkaku-Ji and Nanzen-Ji, making The Philosopher’s Path the most beautiful street in Japan. Also, this street is adorned with cherry trees that line up tightly. The best time to take pictures here is in early April, where Sakura is blooming.

Cockburn Pedestrian Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Cockburn Pedestrian Street Scotland

Flanked by Victorian buildings, and not far from Edinburgh’s Old Town makes Cockburn Street often a target for cameras. Although the road is steep and downhill, there are still many people who enjoy the architecture presented by the buildings on this street.

Dallol, the Hottest Place in the World No Creature Can Live

Nevsky Prospekt Pedestrian Street, Petersburg, Russia

Nevsky Prospekt Pedestrian Street Rusia

Buildings along Nevsky Prospekt have existed since the 18th century and are still well maintained. An old building with a towering tower decorated with sparkling lights that are designed in such a way above the road. Very good for photos.

The Dark Hedges Pedestrian Street, Northern Ireland

Dark Hedges

Rows of trees so steal the spotlight after becoming the background of the film Game of Thrones. It is said that rows of trees in The Dark Hedges have long been excellent in Northern Ireland. This tree has existed since the 18th century and has become an icon in the 21st century.

The Royal Crescent Pedestrian Street, Bath, England

Royal Crescent Pedestrian Street

Rows of 30 buildings in The Royal Crescent have been around since the 18th century. This Georgian-style architecture is said to be the best in England and is so iconic. The building’s window directly faces Victoria’s Royal Park with its lawn that makes it majestic. There is also a 5-star hotel of the same name here.

Mykonos Old Town Pedestrian Street, Greece

Mykonos Old Town

The narrow white and blue alleys are so iconic with Mykonos Old Town, Greece. Every summer, this place is always a tourist destination. Even though the alleys are narrow, there are shops and houses lined with white and blue shutters, which will later be combined with blue and yellow.

Chefchaouen Pedestrian Street, Morocco

Chefchaouen street

Another with the charm of the road in Chefchaouen Pedestrian Street, Morocco. The dominance of blue adorns the aisles and aisles. Because of its uniqueness, it has become one of the photographers’ favorite places.

You need to know the meaning behind the blue color in this hallway. Some say this to prevent mosquitoes. And there is also a theory that says Jewish refugees painted buildings after fleeing Nazi Germany. Apart from all the theories, Chefchaouen is now a trick for tourists. It’s exciting to be a background photo.

Cogels-Osylei Pedestrian Street, Antwerp, Belgium

Cogels-Osylei Pedestrian Street

The many buildings of Art Nouveau and Fin De Siecle style made Zurenborg a beautiful and famous city in Belgium. From the magnificence of the building looks great and precious people in the 19th century, especially in Cogels-Osylei Pedestrian Street, which along the road is filled with majestic and colorful buildings. For anyone who passes, this road will be stunned and take pictures.

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