Capella Ubud in Bali was named the best hotel in the world in 2020 in the prestigious annual list of The World’s Best Awards by Travel + Leisure magazine. What makes it the best hotel?

Located in the green forest, Capella Ubud is a unique hotel that blends with the natural beauty of the surroundings. Quoted on the official website of Capella Hotels, early European settlers inspired the theme of the hotel and resort in the 1800s designed by architect Bill Bensley in 2018.

Bensley is an architect who graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, United States. He spent his childhood camping and building lodging with the nuances of tents was his long-standing wish. This architect also has a studio in Bali which founded in 1990.

World's Best Hotel in 2020

Capella Ubud is one of the luxury hotels designed by Bensley besides the Intercontinental Hotel, Danang, Vietnam. This hotel, located in Keliki Village, Tegalalang District, has five types of rooms and offers 22 luxury villas in the jungle of Ubud. Although located in the middle of the forest, the best hotel in the world is equipped with luxury facilities such as indoor and outdoor gyms, jacuzzi pools, and spa.

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This hotel looks like a treehouse that is equipped with beautiful views with a river to the expanse of rice fields and large trees that encircle the hotel. Capella Ubud resort also has several restaurants, namely Mads Lange, Fire Soul, The Mortar and Pestle Bar, and The Camp Fire.

On his website, Bensley said that the development of Capella Ubud mostly uses the services of local artisans. Each villa uses the best teak wood that can last for decades. Teak wood flooring is called artificial wood crafters from Central Java. Work on Balinese carved doors also involves local artists. Bensley said it took a year to finish the beautifully carved doors.

The restaurants owned by Capella Ubud can also be ordered and delivered directly to the house. During this pandemic, Capella Ubud also donated part of the proceeds from the sale of food to help local families in the Keliki village affected by Covid-19. Comfort and luxury in nature at Capella Ubud can be enjoyed by spending from IDR 12 million / $ 830 per night.

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