Today, when travelling to other areas, we often rely on travel applications. Either to search for hotels, search for airline tickets, look for exciting tourist attractions, or just so as not to get lost. This time we will discuss some of the best travel applications (Android / iOS).

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If you often travel outside the area, surely you are already familiar with the names above. Please note, some of these applications have similar features


packpoint app

This application has a unique function, which is to help you prepare the items you want to carry during the trip. By determining gender, length of trip, and activities during the trip, PackPoint can provide a list of luggage (adjusted for the weather). We just have to determine which one we will bring as needed. This application has integration with TripIt’s travel plan application.

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TripIt app

This application has a function similar to Google Trips, which collects all information and arranges travel plans. The way it works is similar, namely by email. The difference is, we have to send the email in question to the TripIt email, and this application will arrange a travel plan. TripIt has the premium application TripIt Pro which also offers aircraft information.

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App in The Air

App in The Air app

This application is quite unique. The main function is to see the flight schedule in real time. So, we can see whether the plane that we ride is late or not. Interestingly, the App in The Air can also see aircraft information at the airport in question (what terminal and gate).

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AirBnB app

This application also offers unique things. Instead of hotels, Airbnb offers home searches, whether it’s guest houses or boarding houses, in various cities in the world. We can see various residential houses with various prices and adjust them to the funds. If it is suitable, we can also easily contact the homeowner.

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tripadvisor app

Talking about travel applications cannot be separated from this one application. TripAdvisor, besides helping to find hotels and planes, also provides city guide information. With this application, we can see various tourist attractions and restaurants along with ratings and reviews from visitors. There is even a community (international) forum in it.

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Foursquare app

Once popular as location-based social media, Foursquare is now focusing on the function of city guides. Like TripAdvisor, we can easily search for attractions, restaurants, cafes, etc. Complete with service information, reviews, and visitor ratings. If you want, we can also follow the list of locations created by Foursquare users as a guide.

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Beware of Card Skimming When You Go on a Trip

Google Trips

Google Trips app

This application will collect all travel information, such as booking tickets and hotels, from Gmail. In addition, Google Trips will suggest travel plans on the map according to our interests or that are close to our position.

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uber app

For sightseeing, of course, need a vehicle. One practical solution is to use Uber services. With this service, we don’t have to bother looking for local public vehicles wherever you are. But please remember, this application will depend on whether there are Uber services in the area where you are vacationing.

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Roadtrippers app

Perfect for organizing that epic road trip you’ve always wanted to take, Roadtrippers not only plans out your driving route but also lets you book hotels along the way. The free app is especially useful for finding interesting and off-the-beaten-path places to visit as you go, helping you find cool restaurants and one-of-kind spots that you can bookmark and go back to during the trip.

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Packing Pro

Packing Pro app

Packing Pro helps organize your suitcase with a checklist that breaks down what you’ll need by category. Start by telling the app how many days your trip will be, where you’re heading and what the weather is supposed to be like. You can also add other relevant information, like whether or not you’ll have access to a washing machine or if you’re going to be swimming. The app then offers a tentative list of clothing, footwear, and other necessities, which you can amend and save. In addition to packing lists, the app also reminds you of any important things you’ll need to accomplish before traveling, like renewing your passport, getting vaccines or buying a first-aid kit.

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This well-known travel website also offers an app – among the most popular travel apps available – which allows you to book flights and hotels easily. The app compares hundreds of travel sites in order to find you the best rates. Its products are available in 18 languages. The company also runs travel search engines including checkfelix and swoodoo.

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