What is a cinematic video? Cinematography comes from Greek: Kinema which means movement, Photos which means light and Graphos which means painting. So Cinematography can be interpreted as painting with moving images with light.

Getting here, the art of cinematic video is increasingly in demand by the wider community. Technology is increasingly sophisticated and certainly, it is getting easier for all of us to make the cinematic video. We live while carrying combat equipment such as smartphones, cameras, drones, stabilizers, GoPro, laptops, etc. Then edit using applications such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc. After editing the video, enter the appropriate song, set the colour, enter a little storytelling, and become the cinematic video.

Surely all of you have watched cinematic travelling videos in the world, or even made it too. Well below, I will share cinematic travelling videos that I think are the best in the world (which we know).

All the videos below often make me inspired to follow in his footsteps. But what’s the power, I’m still comfortable in my safe zone. I have not dared like those who came out of their comfort zone to travel the world and make cinematic videos that they will share with us all.

Instead of talking more and more, it is better for you to watch for yourself, the videos for the time being. Don’t forget to watch with 720p or 1080p. We’ll sort it from top to bottom, starting from the usual to the extraordinary.

7. 30 Days In Bali

Video by: Laura Reid
Music: Paperwhite – Only Us
Published on June 26, 2018

Laura Reid, that’s the name of a woman in the video. A YouTuber, vlogger and certainly a beautiful woman. We know from her vlog video Lost LeBlanc (aka Christian LeBlanc) when he was living in Bali with him. Yups, this Laura Reid is a former girlfriend of Lost LeBlanc, and often makes vlog videos together in his YouTube Lost LeBlanc.

Well, there is a cinematic video that I think is simple but very classy. Do you mean what I mean? If you don’t understand, also try watching the video.

The footage is actually simple but the editing process is extraordinary. Yes, surely you will be helped by Lost LeBlanc too. There are several footages that stand out in this video, which is just the Sunset section and Laura is there.

The cut process is also very smooth. The colour-grading is awesome too !! In addition, this video uses music that is very easy listening and is perfect for this video that is impressed with its feminine aura, Laura Reid.

6. 오사카 (Osaka)

Video by: Kyung6Film
Music: The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey – Closer (Shaun Frank Remix Audio)
Published on July 31, 2017

The Japanese name is Kyung6Film. The first time I know this video is because the cover shows a beautiful woman. After I browse, finally I get the name of the girl covers the video. His name is Bora Kim.

I click on the video, it turns out the cinematic video is amazingly awesome. All the videos are clearly conceptualized, not just selling the look of a pretty girl. The vlog video should be like this Kyung6 Film made !! The storytelling doesn’t need to be asked anymore, all the concepts are clear in the videos, the quality of the editing is very high, the lighting settings are really good, the footage of the drone is also very smooth. So it won’t be wrong if I say, Kyung6 This film is one of the best Vloggers in Asia.

5. BALI – Doyoutravel X Gypsea Lust

Video by: Jack Morris
Music: Fakear – Something Wonderful
Published on June 11, 2018

The next video comes from a couple of Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen. Video of their romantic journey as they spend their time in the most beautiful place of Indonesia, namely Bali.

In my opinion, this Jack Morris video is the most romantic video I’ve ever watched. And as usual, the quality of editing was extraordinary, taking footage in Bali was taken perfectly. The editing process is also very smooth and in accordance with the rhythm of the song, coupled with a very eye-catching lighting system in the eyes of the audience.

4. Thailand – Land Of Incredible

Video Stories by Benn Jayms Tkalcevic
Music: Odesza – Higher ground (Ft. Naomi Wild)
Published on 29 August 2018

Here is a video of Benn’s trip when he first visited Thailand.

Thailand is one of the destinations that are in great demand by foreign tourists from year to year. Indeed, it cannot be denied that Thailand is one of the complete package destinations. The extraordinary natural scenery, religious tourism that is very inherent in the community, its culture, cheap and quality souvenirs, especially the nightlife, Phuket !!

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Because of this video, Benn, I want to also hurry to Thailand when it’s time. Crazy about the cinematic video. The transition from one footage to another footage is really smooth and unified, the footage via the drone is smooth, the underwater footage is also very beautiful, especially the time lapse is cool.

Not to mention, Benn added special effects in the video, and the lighting also fits our eyes as an audience.

What I’m also happy about, Benn’s videos not only showcase Thailand’s natural beauty, but Benn also displays the beauty of Thai culture and the lives of Thai people, and that makes the storytelling in his video very memorable.

3. EGYPT – Like Never Before

Video by: JR Alli
Music: Fal – Max LL
Published on March 30, 2019

The next video came from a young boy named JR Alli. A cinematic youtube from Toronto, Canada. JR Alli is already very popular in the cinematic video world with Sam Kolder. Well, I don’t wonder if he’s famous. Look, almost all of his cinematic videos are very beautiful. The quality of editing is very powerful, the storytelling is conceptualized clearly, the effects added in the video are also very good, well it’s perfect.

2.My Year 2016

Video by: Sam Kolder
Music: Illenium – Reverie (feat. King Deco)
Published on March 12, 2017

It is undeniable that Sam Kolder is one of the originators of the world of cinematic video in terms of travelling. So that a few years later, similar videos became widespread in this world. Who isn’t inspired by Sam Kolder’s video, My Year 2016 ?? Everyone must have been inspired by his video. I’ve even been inspired by the video.

The 2016 My Year Video was in the form of a collection of trips from Sam Kolder and his team that almost surrounded the entire world. Very good editing technique, quite good storytelling, the right grading color according to me so that it looks eye-catching, the cut to cut also fits the rhythm of the song. Everything is perfect or perfect !!

1. Watchtower Of Turkey

Video by: Leonardo Dalessandri
Music: Experience – Ludovico Einaudi (facebook.com/ludovicoeinaudi)
Published on October 6, 2014

For this video, I am speechless. I don’t know what to rate for this one video anymore. It seems like the perfect word is not suitable to describe how beautiful Leonardo Dalessandri’s work is. Maybe the word masterpiece is only suitable for this one cinematic video.

Sam Kolder is a person who popularized video cinematic travelling, different from Leonardo Dalessandri. Leonardo Dalessandri is the God of cinematic video travelling, seriously !! Please watch the video yourself if you don’t believe it. I also don’t know how much footage he took and connected to the video.

Moving from one footage to another footage is very fast, maybe just a few seconds. God!! The God of Editing !! So it’s not surprising that I put this video in the first position in the world.

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