Beware of Card Skimming When You Go on a Trip

Tenderness or pickpocketing can happen to tourists while in tourist attractions. But many do not realize that actually “digital theft” is also possible. Digital thieves usually target tourists who do financial transactions via the internet or transaction machines. One of the things that just happened is told in the writing of a tourist on the news site.

On his way to Texas, he got an SMS that said “Do you agree with the transaction at this ATM? Please reply YES or NO to this number”. The SMS was sent by the bank where he was saving and the ATM in question was located in Bali, the destination he had previously visited.

Unfortunately, his cellphone was in airplane mode so he didn’t have time to reply to the text. A few hours on the flight, he arrived at the transit airport. He then activated his cellphone and re-received the SMS “This SMS is very important. Please reply YES or NO to this number”. Before replying to the SMS, he idly checks the amount of money in his account. Instantly his body felt weak because his savings of US $ 5,000 disappeared without a trace.

When searching further into the transaction page, he discovered the fact that his ATM was used many times by digital thieves in the Denpasar area of Bali. With a raging feeling, he immediately replied to the SMS with the choice ‘NO’. Not long after, he was contacted by the bank who said that he was a victim of card data theft mode (card skimming).

In a simple card skimming mode, the perpetrators do it by attaching a data thief machine to the ATM machine. From the machine attached, someone’s card data is stolen and duplicated. So even though the card has been held by the victim after transacting at an ATM, the victim’s card data is held by the perpetrator. The bank said that the case was being handled and his money would be returned within 20 days.

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The wisdom of the story is not to trade in suspicious ATMs or machines, such as on a roadside or in a quiet place, you should take money at an ATM located in the bank. Here are some other tips for avoiding digital thieves during travel:

Cash Withdrawal per day

Go to a secure ATM location and withdraw cash for needs per day. Paying cash also avoids drained savings from large card swipe service costs.

Have another card

Use an electronic payment card or financial card outside the main financial card to transact at tourist attractions. So if you already become a digital thief victim, the loss is not too great. Check regularly for each transaction made.

Contact the bank

Inform the bank that you are going to go out of town or abroad, so that they can double-check if card skimming occurs, one of them by sending an SMS notification as above. Hang the bank’s customer service number so you can easily contact them if they are already a victim. Do not easily believe if you get an SMS or call from the bank about the transaction. It’s best to contact the bank directly and check the amount of money in the account periodically.

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