The area of ​​the former mining town is often a tourist spot. So it is with this city, Bodie. The difference is this city has been abandoned and has a curse. Bodie State Historical Park, a former mining town abandoned by California residents, United States. From the official site, Bodie was once a city of gold miners.

This city left about 65 years ago. Even so, Bodie still looks the same as last left. Several wooden houses and beat-up cars were seen erect beneath the hill. The contents of the house are still the same. Bodie officially became a national historic site under the name The Bodie State historical Park in 1962. Every day some tours are opened by this site for tourists.

Bodie State Historic Park, Haunted Mine in California

From this tour, tourists will get information about the past of the City of Bodie. In its heyday, the city had more than 10,000 inhabitants. There are salons, bowling arenas, dance halls, shops, hotels, churches, and restaurants. At that moment, Bodie was famous as a dangerous city. The city is one of the wild mines in the West. Bodie became a center for drugs, prostitution, and other crimes.

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There are even diary findings from young children in this city. The child has just moved to Bodie and wrote his heart. “Goodbye, Lord. I will go to Bodie,” the boy wrote resignedly.

Once abandoned, this city has not lost its reputation. This city is known to be haunted and has a curse. If you are touring around the site, you will find the sound of small children playing on the street. The appearance of a woman knitting on one of the porches became the most famous ghost in Bodie.

Bodie State Historic Park, Haunted Mine in California

So what The Bodie State Historic Park left curse?

There is one that must be obeyed by visitors. They may not bring any items out of The Bodie State Historic Park. Even a single stone should not be taken as a souvenir. If anyone dares to take something from this site, the offender will be unlucky until the item returns to The Bodie State Historic Park. This is evidenced by the number of items returned by tourists who stole artifacts.

The act of stealing has indeed become the right thing to do. But the pesky sanctions that followed him were more feared by many people. This historic site is open every day with a variety of hours each season. Tourists can walk around to enjoy old stories from Bodie with a free guide. You can enjoy this site for USD 8 for adults and USD 5 for a child.

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