This hotel in New Zealand is quite hidden. Even so, many tourists who want to stay here because of its unique shape like a boot. A hotel in New Zealand grabs the attention of a traveler because of its unusual shape. This hotel building is shaped like a boot different from other hotels.

Collected from several sources, this boots-shaped hotel was named Jester House. The owner is a couple of Judy and Steven Richards who lives in the village of Tasman, about 30 km from the city of Nelson, New Zealand.

The Judy and Steven couple bought the hotel land in 1991. It covers around 2.4 hectares. Since the initial purchase, Judy and Steven have continued to plant trees on the land until it is not felt that more than 10,000 trees have been planted.

Boots Shoes Hotel

The area that was originally bare is now green. As if something was missing, Judy and Steven finally built Jester House as their follow-up project. The idea emerged to make a house that is shaped like a giant boot.

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It took one year for Jester House to become what it is now. Jester House itself consists of 2 floors. The first floor is used as a dining room, as well as a bathroom. While on the second floor there is a bedroom and also a balcony.

If you imagine the shape of the boots, then the toe caps, aka toe covers, are used as the dining room. The heel is used as a bathroom and the body of the shoe in the bedroom.

The owner deliberately arranges the division of space in Jester House like that to give an unforgettable impression for the guests who stay there. A traveler can stay at this hotel in the form of boots while enjoying the romantic atmosphere, can while looking at the stars, you know! In the outdoor area, a traveler can also light a campfire.

A traveler is also brought into the fairyland, Alice in Wonderland when staying at this hotel. To be able to stay here, a traveler must prepare £209 per couple per night, including breakfast.

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