An island left uninhabited for hundreds of years. That place is like in ancient stories, and the difficulty of access adds to the mystery, the island of Boreray !!

Boreray is the smallest island of the St Kilda Islands located in the North Atlantic. The area of ​​St Kilda itself is part of the British Isles, which is 66 kilometres west of the Western Islands.

Reporting by Landdisposition, Boreray was without occupants for a long time due to difficult access to the island. If you notice, the island dominated by cliffs and rocks, it’s hard for people to go there.

Boreray Island

But according to a BBC report in mid-2011, Boreray has an 86-hectare island with a peak at an altitude of 384 meters above sea level was once inhabited by humans in ancient times. At that time, archaeologists said that they found the remains of permanent settlements from the Iron Age.

Archaeologists said, “until now, we thought Boreray was only visited for seasonal hunting and gathering by the Hirta people. But this discovery shows that the farming community lived on the island, probably in prehistoric times.”

The existence of the group inhabiting Boreray is confirmed by the findings of the terrace farming system and underground stone buildings.

“The remnants of agriculture and settlement mounds give us insight; they live for a while on Boreray. Farming on one of the remote and unfriendly islands in the North Atlantic will be a hard and tiring life,” he explained allegations.

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In 1931, the island was bought by an expert who studied birds (ornithologist) John Crichton-Stuart. But after his death in 1957, ownership of the island was taken over by the Scottish conservation organization National Trust for Scotland (NTS).

Science Fiction in Scotland

Although humans do not inhabit the island, Boreray is a habitat for various species of animals and plants. In 1959 there were 45 thousand pairs of gannets, one of the seabirds that lived in Boreray. Besides, 130 varieties of flower plants found there. Boreray is also home to the rarest sheep in Britain called Boreray Blackface or Hebridean Blackface.

Due to being a habitat for various animals and plants and their natural beauty, Boreray entered the UNESCO world heritage site in 1986. Then the island also received a second title, Dual World Heritage Status from UNESCO for its natural and cultural beauty.

The latest information from Boreray came in August 2019 were some researchers were surveying seabird populations in the St Kilda area. The presence of seabirds on the island is significant to protect the ecosystem and also help fertilize the soil.

However, so far, there are still many unanswered mysteries from Boreray. Again, because of the difficult access to the island, the observation process was complicated there. The appearance that soars in the middle of the ocean, like in science fiction films, undoubtedly adds to the curiosity about the island’s sundries.

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