There is a beautiful bridge in China, Buxian Bridge. Buxian was dubbed the fairy bridge because of the magical impression that was given. Located on the way to the Baiyun Hotel in the Tianhai Seaview Area, it is also the southern entrance of the Xihai Grand Canyon Trail (this entrance is closed), and it is also the only place to cross the Xihai Grand Canyon.

Buxian Bridge connects the Grand Canyon Dream Scenic Area with Tianhai and Baiyun Scenic Areas. Xitong Huangshan Ximenmen Fishing Bridge 庵, east to Tianhai, north to the Xihai Grand Canyon cliff path (currently closed). Buxian Bridge is 2.5 km from the bottom of the Xihai Grand Canyon; 8.5 km from the fishing bridge (take 3-4 hours); 2.5 km from the Tianhai. Walk to Haixin Pavilion in Tianhai for an hour.

Huangshan Mountain bridge

The natural beauty of the Huangshan Mountains, Anhui Province, China has become common knowledge. Located in the mountains, there is a bridge into the UNESCO world heritage site. Summarized from various sources, Buxian Bridge is a stone bridge that connects two rock cliffs. The bridge was built in 1987 at an altitude of 1320 masl.

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When viewed, this bridge is very short, only 1 meter. However, due to the effect of the facing rock cliffs, tourists will feel like a fairy tale world. The name of this bridge is Fairy Walking Bridge or Huangshan Mountain Bridge.

The foggy views of the Huangshan Mountains add a magical feel to the Buxian Bridge. Not to mention the typical Chinese details on the bridge divider. Retreat a little before 1987, local people had to walk over a cliff in the Huangshan Mountains. A hanging road is made on the edge of a cliff so that people can pass.

Buxian Bridge

But the risk is very big. people often fall and die from this road. In 1987 Buxian Bridge was built to help the local community a little. Nevertheless, there are still many victims who fell. So that only survivors of the hanging road can get to this bridge. This is why Buxian was given another nickname, Bridge of the immortals.

Today, Buxian Bridge is one of the most popular destinations in China. To enjoy this bridge, a traveller can pay USD 20 per person. This tour is perfect for travellers who like trekking while looking at natural scenery. Happy holiday!

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