A small town in Argentina was so famous because of the trust of outer space shape. He said, all the citizens of this city had seen aliens or UFOs.

Have you ever heard of the City of Capilla del Monte? This is a small town in the Province of Corboda, Argentina. Located near the mountains, citizens believe in the existence of aliens such as aliens, as seen from the BBC.

Capilla del Monte

The citizens of Capilla del Monte don’t just believe in aliens without evidence. Well, the people of this city believe in aliens, at least as a result of an incident in January 1986. It is said, at that time some residents saw sightings of UFOs ( Unidentified flying objects ) in the form of flying saucers that landed on the mountain. The ship then scorched the grasslands near the residential areas.

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Since then, people have believed in aliens. It’s said, seeing UFOs has even become commonplace there. Its citizens have concluded that underneath the mountains of their area there is a UFO base and is called ERKS.

Capilla del Monte

Capilla del Monte earned the nickname ‘A City where All Its Residents See Aliens’. Even every local citizen has experience with aliens! Some claimed to have met or been abducted by aliens. Stories like this are pervasive in Capilla de Monte. In this case, the City of Capilla del Monte crowded with tourists. Tour operators in this city have activities to see UFOs. They believe that UFOs usually were seen at night.

Every year, the city holds an Alien Festival as a magnet for tourists. There is also an International OVNILOGI congress that discusses and seeks experiences about UFOs and aliens caught in this city. Tourists who come there are usually indeed come from circles who are curious about aliens and UFOs. How about you?

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