Changi Jewel is More Than an Airport

Recently Changi Jewel was officially opened. For a traveler, its existence is more than just an airport.

Generally, the airport is only a terminal or a place to wait for an aircraft before arriving or departing for a destination, but it is different from Changi Airport in Singapore. Moreover, this airport has just opened the latest and most sophisticated Jewel one-stop-shopping destination on April 17 this year.

Equipped with the highest indoor waterfall in the world and various public spaces, making the building that used to be a parking building for this part of terminal 1 become a tourist magnet. The presumption of the airport as a place to wait for the aircraft was replaced with the concept of the airport as a place to socialize.

“Changi Airport has a special place in the hearts of many people, especially Singaporeans. We want to expand this special bond to everyone who visits Jewel,” said Hung Jean, Devt’s Chief Executive Officer at Jewel Changi Airport.

According to who visited Jewel at the invitation of the Changi Airport Group on Wednesday (24/7/2019) also felt the same. This is also evident from the HSBC Rain Vortex area, the typical Jewel waterfall which is the main attraction today.

Starting from a traveler carrying a suitcase and backpack to young and old, all seem to gather and enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. Seeing the scene, the identity of the airport was even more blurred. No bored expression or rush to catch a plane. Everything seems relaxed.

One of them is Julia, a Singaporean who was met by at the location. He explained, Changi Airport, especially Jewel, is now considered to be a tourist place rather than an airport.

“Local residents come at weekends, as well as school children and university students,” explained Julia.

For Julia, Changi Airport is not only a place for recreation for her and her family. He even did blind dates or blind dates at the airport.

Still according to Julia, not a few also young people who come to Changi Jewel to study to act. If in Indonesia, of course, such culture is still not imagined. Maybe it will be like that in the future when Indonesia’s airport facilities and infrastructure are better than now.

For information, the majority of tenants at Jewel Changi operate from 10:00 am to 10:00 p.m. local time. As for HSBC Rain Vortex, the last show was held until midnight.

The Other Side of Changi Jewel at Night

Visiting Jewel Changi is not enough just when it’s bright, but also at night. The thing is, Changi Jewel has a different atmosphere at night.

Seeing Jewel at Changi Airport has nothing to do with the settings in science fiction films that have many sides. That experience can also be felt by the traveler who visited there.

At the invitation of Changi Airport Group, had the opportunity to see Jewel Changi on Wednesday last week (24/7/2019). Starting from when Jewel was still bright to dark, the atmosphere felt very different.

The atmosphere change was felt when the traveler stopped by the Shiseido Forest Valley area around Rain Vortex Waterfall. Designed to resemble a tropical rainforest, the presence of colorful garden lights makes the atmosphere more serene at night.

It doesn’t seem wrong either, calling Jewel Changi a replica of the world in the animated film Avatar. Besides being inspired by the film, the atmosphere also feels more like at night.

Slightly turning his eyes to the middle area, a traveler can also find HSBC Waterfall Rain Vortex which is an icon of the Changi Jewel. Its enchanting presence is even more beautiful thanks to the colorful lighting that highlights it.

As if it hasn’t been beautiful enough, HSBC Rain Vortex is also increasingly preening through the play of lights and holograms at certain hours. Of course, this light show should not be missed by a traveler who stops or transits at Changi Jewel at night.

More Sophisticated, Changi Airport Comes Through Interactive Games

Changi Airport is called the best airport in the world. If you want to know him more, you can try interactive games on Jewel.

Talking about Changi Airport in Singapore is inseparable from the long history and the people involved raising it to progress as it is now. For those of you who want to know the best airport in the world, you can stop by the Changi Experience Studio in the latest Jewel tourist destination.

One of the newest Jewel recreational rides which were inaugurated on June 10, 2019, is indeed very interesting and different. This vehicle also invites travelers to know Changi Airport with beautiful interactive and visual games.

Located at Level 4 Jewel, Changi Experience Studio consists of 10 zones with different content. Where there are around 20 interactive game points that can be a typical traveler. The price is very varied, but both tell of Changi Airport with its uniqueness.

For example, there is a vehicle for Amazing Runway that tells one of Changi’s unique moments when racing between cars and planes is made. Then there is also the Hanging Garden interactive vehicle that shows Changi’s history first, now and its progress in the future through the hologram game.

There is also a Smile Challenge vehicle, where the traveler must take a photo with a smile as wide as possible to beat the smile of the Changi Airport staff. It was revealed by Lee Ching Wern, Associate General Manager, Changi Experience Studio at AFP, that all of that was an attempt to introduce Changi.

“That’s why at first we made this place, to tell Changi in a fun way,” Lee said.

Packed with an interactive and contemporary format, Changi Experience Studio is indeed quite popular in Jewel. Not a few travelers to families who come to get a better picture of Changi Airport as well as traveling.

“This vehicle is quite popular among families and you can play with children here. There are also many college students and college kids who visit here,” concluded Lee.

For information, Changi Experience Studio is open from 10:00 to 22:00 local time every day. The ticket price is around 25 SGD for adults and 17 SGD for children.

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