Planning a tour in Japan? Try some of the following eating places. Japan is synonymous with expensive, but in fact, there are many choices of eating places that offer food at affordable prices. As quoted from Ohayo, Japan, here are some areas that you can visit to hunt for affordable food in Japan:

Roadside Station

In Japan, a roadside station or rest area is called Michi no Eki. The place functions as a stop so tourists can buy instant food. You can eat casually at the restaurant, and purchase unique souvenirs at the station or the roadside prefecture. These stations are usually only one building with many shops in it.

Japan Cheap Foods, Japan Market

Lunch package

Lunch has always been something to look forward to filling the stomach during a long workday. But not only that, lunch in Japan is usually cheaper than dinner, but there are also many ways to get it. Here’s how to hunt for discounted lunch like an office worker in Japan.

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Traditional market

Traditional markets in Japan are not only places to shop for fresh food. But also a place for local culinary hunting. One of them is the Nishiki Market. This market located in the middle of Kyoto, which is revisited every year.

There are various shops serving dishes made from the typical Kyoto area. Enjoy a delicious lunch made from Kyoto, sea cucumber, mackerel and special meat!

Other dishes that you can try:

  • Ichiran Ramen. If you say it’s expensive, it’s still not too expensive. Ichiran Ramen is reportedly one of the most delicious ramens in Japan, so it is one of Japan’s culinary that must be tried.
  • Hotto Motto. If this Hotto Motto is a kind of affordable rice box in Japan. It’s just a hassle, often the location of the Hotto Motto branch is a bit far from the hotel where travellers stay in the middle of the city near tourist attractions/means of transportation.
  • Co Curry House Co. Curry Rice is quite affordable in Japan.
  • Saizeriya Restaurant. It looks like a Western Food Fusion restaurant. I myself have not had time to try, but in terms of price is not too expensive for this class of Saizeriya restaurant.
  • MOS Burger. For those who want to try fast food burgers from Japan.
  • Houtou Fudou. If this is a culinary speciality in Kawaguchiko, Japan. A little expensive around 1000 Yen less, but the portion is quite large, it can be used for 2.
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