China and Unusual Luxury Tour Packages

These are luxury but unusual tour packages in China. The condition is that you have to pocket thick and like anti-mainstream trips.

Collected, as reported by the South China Morning Post, travel agents will adjust their travel plans for your sake. You will be given an unforgettable experience.

Whether it’s to the best hotel in the world, take a high-speed train, because this luxury travel agent will specifically fulfill your every wish. Another example is dinner at the Great Wall of China, taking a private jet or meeting panda exclusively.

“A decade ago, going to China as a tourist would be like going to Tanzania, but without a safari. Do people think about China? Only bad food and cheap hotels but now it has changed,” said Guy Rubin, managing partners of Imperial Tours who are professionals in the field of luxury tourism in China.

China is the fourth most visited country in the world with 60.7 million international tourists per year, according to the 2018 Main UN Tourism Report. This could overtake France as the number one tourist destination in the world by 2030, predicts global research firm Euromonitor International.

Globally, China is the largest market for luxury hotels in terms of revenue in 2017 with a total global market share of 18.58 percent, according to a MarketWatch report. The interest of travelers is increasing, especially from families.

Imperial Tours, the Luxury Travel Agents

The concerts of Imperial Tours, Jaime Orellana, believe the biggest challenge for luxury travel agents is to find out how to change visitor assumptions about China. Modern China is a rather frightening place in the mindset of global tourists.

His company’s clients include film director Francis Ford Coppola, actress Natalie Portman, and investment banker Lloyd Blankfein. Sarah Keenlyside from Bespoke Travel Company once brought singer Katy Perry and actor Johnny Depp to tour Beijing.

“Katy Perry really interacts with local culture, doing split poses on the Great Wall of China to order dresses from local designers,” he said.

“Johnny Depp was very impressed with the 798 Beijing Arts District. He met with several local musicians,” Sarah added.

Their clients also come from families with children who are bilingual in the United States, groups of women who are interested in health and shopping. There are also travelers who want to arrange private meetings with Chinese economists and businessmen.

The drafter at Imperial Tours explores the ideas of the quote on the form filled in by the client. This tells the company about group composition, past experience, desired tour duration, their budget.

Rubin said there were clients who were sometimes shocking. That was one of his experiences when he picked up Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal from Saudi Arabia.

“He got off his private Boeing 747 at Beijing Airport and we have provided 30 top-class black Mercedes for him. But both the prince and his entourage chose to take a tour bus,” Rubin said.

“So we have 30 idle luxury cars and very expensive rent in China because of monopoly problems,” he added.

Based on client requirements, Imperial Tours uses their chosen destinations and the most popular are Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai. It is a travel framework and then adds other things that are of interest to clients, such as shopping, local to contemporary culture.

Some visitors are interested in finding ethnic minorities, while others are cultural hunters or historical tourists. There are also philanthropic clients.

Imperial Tours was founded in 1999, the Chinese tourism industry at that time was not as it is now that could serve a fancy dinner in the Summer Palace, it had never happened before. Over time, China’s travel industry has developed to tolerate it.

Orellana, who works to connect Imperial Tours clients with local guides and drivers, has experienced unexpected events. He remembered the frequent requests for schedule changes in the last minute.

A client once asked for a polo match to be held on the plains of Inner Mongolia, and a technology investor wanted to see a nuclear reactor. Even though they always try to accommodate the weirdest client requests, not everything is fulfilled.

“Sometimes all we can do is refer them to the embassy. This is the case when someone asks for a meeting with the Chinese prime minister, or when a royal family member visits a panda breeding site in Chengdu and insists on bringing pandas home,” Orellana said.

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