In Beijing, there is a famous park. His name is Beihai Gongyuan. It said that in this beautiful park, the Emperor of China used to relax.

In Mandarin, Beihai means the north coast, while Gongyuan means garden. It located west of the north entrance of the Forbidden City, where the Emperor lives.

Here, we can enjoy not only beautiful scenery but also calmness and freshness. This 68-hectare park is half of which is an artificial lake.

Around it is buildings with classic Chinese carvings. Large trunked plants with leaves extending around the lake add to the beauty of this park.

Beihai Gongyuan, Winter Palace in Beijing

Meanwhile, in another part of the park, there are mountains where a large white pagoda stands — located on the Jade Flower island (琼华岛).

In ancient Chinese tradition, the combination of mountains, water and trees is a harmonious combination believed to bring good luck. Beihai Park built since the Liao empire, about the 10th century AD.

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But then the restoration took place in several subsequent dynasties and was opened to the public precisely in 1925 — one of the largest parks preserved in Beijing.

Beihai Gongyuan, Winter Palace in Beijing

When summer arrives, aside from the Summer Palace, the Emperor and his family spend their time here.

The number of shady trees and artificial lakes makes this park make the atmosphere calm and peaceful. They also pray here. Some buildings also built to pray.

One of them is the Nine Dragons building—because on the wall there are carvings of nine dragons that are playing with various positions.

In Chinese philosophy, the dragon itself is a symbol of the Emperor’s strength. The colours of the walls that have not faded for hundreds of years at once show the greatness of ancient Chinese art.

Beihai Gongyuan, Winter Palace in Beijing

Besides, there is a long hallway, which is an important part — so named because along this circular hallway, there is a roof decorated with various paintings that are folklore. Each decorating has a different meaning.

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It takes several hours to surround the entire park. No need to worry, you can rent a paddleboat or ship to cross the lake and see each side of the park.

If you want to exit the park, three exits can be accessed from different directions. However, if you still want to enjoy the lake, visitors can also rent a boat, either a paddleboat or a ship.

So many boats on the Beihai Park lake. You can get a small pedal boat; the boat has a middle size in the type of lily pad, large dragon ships and empires for long rows, and duck boats as far as the eye can see.

Go all the time to bother to avoid the crowd — 60rmb pedal boat per hour, 120RMB four-person motorboats and 140RMB six-person motorboats.

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