There is no more ‘Beijing Bikini’. A city in China calls men who raise their clothes or topless as uncivilized. As reported by CNN, every summer, when cities in China are increasingly hot, middle-aged men across the country roll their shirts over their stomachs. Of course, to feel comfortable and adapt.

This is a very common style everywhere so that it even gets a beautiful nickname, namely Bikini Beijing. However, in a city in eastern Shandong Province, Beijing Bikini lovers and those who don’t wear bosses are completely disliked by local authorities.

On Tuesday, authorities in Jinan, a city with 8.7 million people, issued a notice ordering people to wear their clothes in public places. The announcement was when the temperature rose to 36 Celsius.

The sight of middle-aged men in China who relax in public places with clothes rolled up and look at their bellies or bare-chested is common. But the Jinan authorities aimed to improve the uncivilized behavior and added that residents had complained about the uncivilized phenomenon that had damaged the city’s image.

Cities in China Ban 'Beijing Bikini'

Authorities said they planned to crack down on those who dressed improperly in public places. That includes a bare chest and the appearance of other body parts. People fight in public places, not orderly in line, dispose of litter, and uncivilized walking are also targeted by the notice. The aim is to improve the image of the city.

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many people think that regulation is excessive. “Bare chest reduces more carbon emissions than turning on the air conditioner,” a commentator said, while others say that let the old man be free as he wants. This is not the first time that men in middle-aged China have taken off their clothes in public in the summer and dealt with authorities. In Tianjin, a coastal city near Beijing, a man was fined around USD 7 in May for shopping without clothes in a supermarket, according to Tianjin police.

The city introduced a topless ban regulation earlier this year. In Handan, Hebei Province, the government was very serious about men who only wore tops in public so they launched a campaign, which included a mini-educational film that showed a woman introducing her boyfriend to her bare-breasted father.

The father is playing cards with his friends in a public park. But the boyfriend was offended by his father’s unclothed condition, and pulled him aside to ask, “Is that your father? He is so uncivilized.” After a series of similar meetings, the man finally chose to wear clothes and hats when outside the house.

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