In the middle of the desert in China, there is a beautiful, exotic oasis. This place is named the Crescent Lake. This is a magical lake shaped like a crescent moon.

Compiled from many sources, Crescent Lake became one of the tourist attractions in remote China in the world. The introduction of Crescent Lake starts with its name. Local people call it Yueyaquan which means a lake shaped like a crescent moon.

Yes, this oasis is quite unique because of its shape. Yeayaquan is in Dunhuang City, 6 km from Gansu City, western China. Right in the middle of Echoing Dessert or desert singing. We save this part first. It is located in the middle of the desert, a little difficult to reach. This is why this place is called one of the world’s remote oases.

Magical Oasis Lake

Let’s continue with the history of Crescent Lake. This crescent lake is around 2,000 years old. Because it is on the Ancient Silk Road, Yueyaquan is one of the resting places for traders and monks from Central Asia.

Entering the Han Dynasty, this lake also stole attention. When the dynasty government checked the depth of the lake. According to historical records, Crescent Lake has a depth of up to 5 meters. Because it is one of the resorts in the world trade route, Crescent Lake is starting to shrink. Until 2018 it was discovered that the lake was dying, leaving only 1.3 meters of depth.

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To save this historic lake, the government took a bold step. The government fills this beautiful lake as before. Maybe you still think, this step is not in vain if a desert storm comes? Isn’t the lake even filled with sand later?

The answer is in the location of this lake. The Crescent Lake is behind a large sandbar, as if in a valley. If a desert storm comes, the sand will fly to the mound. While desert wind gushes soft whistling sounds. This is why this place is called desert singing. Local residents also call it Singing Sand Dessert.

Crescent Lake

Now Crescent Lake is not only an oasis but also a pagoda that houses lodging and souvenir sales. When night falls, all the lights from this pagoda will light up and make exotic views between the deserts. Not just enjoying a beautiful, historic oasis in the middle of a remote place in the world. Being one of the interesting attractions of China, there are several activities that a traveler can do here.

A traveler can ride a camel, play a sandboard or just enjoy the sunset on the peak of the desert. Of course, we have to climb the desert first. To ride a desert as high as approximately 250 meters it takes around 20 minutes. There are steps that can be used to cross.

As one of the historical attractions, Yueyaquan has begun to be easily accessible by a traveler. Before entering the desert, a traveler will be obliged to use an almost knee-high shoe lining made of cloth. The goal is that the feet do not concede sand that can hurt.


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