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Culture Trip is a global innovation and media company that intends to produce a full platform in the world to check out globe culture.

Culture Trip app creates a range of content that we call “location-based inspiration,” which includes everything from books, movies and music, as well as food and traveling, and style, fashion, as well as style, to almost every location worldwide.

This Travel Application is aimed at serving globally, interested customers who are passionate concerning discovering different and also one-of-a-kind aspects of culture, around the world. Culture Trip’s popularity rose: site visitors expanded from only 132,641 a month in 2014 to 16 million in 2019. They presently have 7 million Facebook fans – and 456 thousand followers on Instagram.

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Discover the coolest experiences in any place you are, from museums to clubs, beaches to walkings as well as everything in between.

With Culture Trip Application you can check out posts and also videos– produced by neighbourhood writers, professional photographers, and filmmakers– that bring to life what’s unique and distinct regarding various communities, cities, and countries nearby or throughout the globe.

Like what you see? Share suggestions and also points to do with your good friends, conserve to view offline or do some future journey organization with Wishlists.

Culture Trip attributes:

  • OBTAIN MOTIVATED. Check out as well as view articles as well as video clips covering experiences and attractions all over the globe.
  • LIVE LIKE A RESIDENT. Check out nearby areas or plan your following experience abroad with expert tips from regional professionals in Paris, NYC, London and also much more.
  • DEVELOP A TO-DO LIST. Need some assist with journey organization? Use Wishlists to bookmark the posts you love and also create a day strategy.
  • GAIN ACCESS TO YOUR ITINERARY OFFLINE. Read saved short articles before, during or after your trip, even if you’re offline.
  • READ IT. PUBLICATION IT. DO IT. Discover natural links to book hotels as well as areas to remain right in the application.
  • SEE THINGS To Accomplish NEARBY. Establish your place to obtain pointers wherever you are, as well as look into all the very best places to go on one map.
  • SHARE YOUR FAVES. Is Love the one well-informed? Suggest posts, videos as well as more to good friends by means of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, as well as Instagram.

Business Scope Information

Dr Kris Naudts and his small team invested four years in developing the concept of Society. The PPF Group invested $ 20 million in Collection A in 2016 after Dr. Kris received initial funding of $ 2 million in 2015.

Every month the Society Journey releases hundreds of posts that are driven by new videos, photography, pictures and also animation. They provide highly imaginative and localized material, connecting travel inspiration with ‘how-to’, on a global scale, utilizing creativity and technology to motivate people to plan trips. Creative output includes a collection of video clips, feature films, unique notes and publications in addition to involving social content on various channels.

Culture Trip apps have released further revenue streams, including online vacation companies to connect the fast-growing millennial target market with lodging and things to do around the world. Dmitry Shishkin, as a digital development editor for BBC World Service for more than 20 years with the BBC, is also the chief content officer of travel culture travel media startup in January 2019.

About Company Turnover

The Culture Trip apps cover more than 300 company locations and began the academic psychiatrist Dr. Kris Naudts in 2011 in London. Investors assessed the company only £ 1.5 million in 2014, but £ 54 million in 2018. Culture Trip is in the fourth funding round, hoping to have 400-500 permanent employees, and 1,000 contributors by 2020. They will get funding of more than 100 million dollars from Investors in 2019 according to


I don’t even give ratings ever.

This is my first time giving a testimonial on something in years. I locate this application precious, FILLED WITH details! enjoyable, helpful, and I do not know how many times I was just in awe with minutes like, “What?!” Really did not understand that. It makes you wish to rise as well as explore.

I have actually been residing in Atlanta 2 years as well as I wondered how do you find all the good places and also fun areas when you do not really recognize anybody, or when I want to take a trip to one more state over I would like to know what’s great there and maximize my time and money. This application fixes those concerns! Thank you !! Love this application.

I would not recommend this even as a secondary source of suggestions.

I have been looking for something like this that was reliable and useful. I looked at the entries for my hometown, a major metropolitan area with lots to do. The various articles were unreliable and idiosyncratic. Probably the best was a list of top museums.

The list of best parks included our beautiful largest park, but also included small, ordinary neighbourhood parks. A list of best restaurants only listed ordinary restaurants in a suburb far west of the city, including a fast food place. Compared to the precious online resources available, this is not worth consulting.

If you’re going to publish lists touting the “Top 10” of anything.

Well…. if you’re going to publish lists that divulge the “TOP 10” of things to do, places to eat, where to stay…. don’t you think a little “verification” and/or “research”, prior to giving credence to the list on your advertised app is wise?!?!?!

The app was great.

You have the app terrific for intending a trip that your unfamiliar with or trying something wild. I loved this application a lot, yet there is something I hope they can alter. I would most definitely give it five stars if you could tell that you have already checked out that article.

It would be efficient since there are minimal arrivals for a specific place. I maintain unintentionally opening the very same write-ups, and it does get annoying at one point. Of course, not a big issue wish they could think about it. No matter what I still love the app and also will certainly always utilize it for my future journeys.

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