Today various countries compete to build iconic landmarks to attract tourists. Vietnam built the world’s first gold-plated hotel.

Reporting from Vietnam Insider, Friday (05/06/2020) gold-plated hotel construction project in Vietnam has been started since 2009 by the Hoa Binh Group. Strategic location, in downtown Ba Dinh district in Hanoi and on the shores of Lake Giang Vo.

The hotel, named Da Nang Golden Bay, is designed to have 25 floors with a 24-carat gold-plated exterior. The extent of reaching 5,000 square meters. The hotel will also be equipped with a swimming pool on the roof.

The hotel which is claimed to have a 6-star standard will also complement its interior furniture with gold.

Da Nang Golden Bay

This building has the largest number of hotel rooms in Vietnam. With many rooms until 1824, Da Nang Golden Bay is one of the most spacious hotels in Vietnam. With this number of rooms, this place can accommodate more than 3000 people, fully servicing the most sophisticated facilities.

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Excerpted from the Hoa Binh Group website, European-style bathroom furniture such as bathtubs, showers, etc. It will be covered with 24-carat gold too. This grandeur is deliberately made as a tourist attraction which is also a source of the local economy.

“Because tourism has been identified as the spearhead of the local economy, this sector must have unique products to attract visitors. Da Nang Golden Bay will be a place not to be missed in this regard,” said Director-General of the Hoa Binh Group, Nguyen Huu Duong.

To ensure that management and service standards comply with international standards, the Hoa Binh Group works closely with Wyndham Hotels Group based in the United States. Now with all the previous facilities, a traveler might be curious, how much is the rent for a hotel room there?

Da Nang Golden Bay will set a rental price per night of USD 250. This price is equivalent to the cost of other five-star hotels in the city. Da Nang Golden Bay Vietnam will also sell apartments whose prices are set to start at USD 6,500 per square meter.

However, buyers cannot live permanently here. Even so, they have to rent an apartment through a rental agency so that the quality of building consistency is maintained. Buyers will get a return of 6 percent per year.

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