Daxing International Airport, which is super spacious and majestic, began serving international routes today, Monday(10/28/2019).

The opening of international route flights is expected to be able to reduce the bustle at the other two airports in the Chinese capital, Beijing. The Air China flight to Bangkok is the first international flight to depart today. While British Airways will be the first to operate cross-continental flights with flights to London.

Daxing Airport was designed by renowned Iraqi-born architect Zaha Hadid. As quoted by Reuters, the airport’s size is estimated at 100 times the football field, having four giant runways. In its development, Daxing Airport spent the US $ 63 billion.

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The airport, which began operating in late September, is expected to become one of the busiest in the world, and is expected to handle up to 72 million passengers per year in 2025 and thereafter rises to 100 million per year.

The airline China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines will be the main domestic airlines at Daxing Airport. About 50 foreign airlines, including Finnair, plan to move all or part of their Chinese operations to the airport in the coming quarter.

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