Not in the sea, but divers in Poland can dive in the deepest swimming pool in the world. The perks are worth millions of dollars!

Quoted from CNN Travel by, Poland has just opened the largest swimming pool in the world. Its depth reaches more than 157,48 feet, with 8,000 cubic meters of water.

This large swimming pool is made for training and practice for divers of all levels. The cost incurred to build it is quite large, which is around USD 10.6 million with a time of more than two years.

DeepSpot poland

At the bottom of the pool there are small wrecks, underwater caves to ruins of ancient buildings that divers can explore. But no fish swims like diving in the sea

“There are no fish or extraordinary coral reefs here, so this is no substitute for the sea,”

“But this is definitely a great place to learn and practice to be able to dive safely in open water,” Polish Dive Instructor Przemsylaw Kacprzak told AFP.

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Kacprzak added, the swimming pool located in the city of Mszczonow, 30 miles from Warsaw, is like a kindergarten for divers.

Tourists who don’t want to dive can also watch divers activities in the underwater tunnel. Starting December 14th, the hotel which is located at a depth of 5 meters will open.


Even though it is still in a pandemic situation, DeepSpot is allowed to be opened. The reason is because this destination is a training center that provides courses rather than a standard swimming pool.

Meanwhile, according to Michal Braszczynski as director, said that the facility can also be used as a training center for firefighters and the armed forces.

Previously, it was Y-Deep Joy at the Millepini Hotel, near Venice , Italy which occupied the deepest swimming pool in the world with a depth of 42 meters. However, the title is now taken by a deepspot that is 45 meters deep.

Perhaps the title that Deepspot has will not last long, because the Blue Abyss in Colchester England is building a 50 meter deep swimming pool.

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