Christmas is the most anticipated moment of Christians in the whole world. Commemorating the birth of the Savior, Christmas is an exciting celebration that cannot be miss when you are in Europe, especially in the following twenty places.

15 Best Destinations For Your Christmas Background

These fifteen places have their beauty. Starting from the historical value, the Christmas market, to the beauty of the city, can amaze the visitors who attend. This is best destinations for your Christmas Background:

Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver (Canada)

Christmas Background

Want to enjoy Christmas with a charming European atmosphere? Canada can be the best choice for you. Presenting a distinctive Atlantic celebration, among the various cities in the country with the flag symbolized by this red maple leaf, you can visit Montreal and Quebec.

In Montreal, will perform with the French-themed Defile de Noel Festival, the Santa Claus parade, the Christmas exhibition and fireworks, and a variety of typical French dishes. While in Quebec, you will enjoy winter scenery combined with a variety of historic old buildings that also used as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Or see Capilano Suspension Bridge Park light up for Christmas or walk to the beautiful Lights Festival at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens or the Night Nights event at Stanley Park, which turns this park into another North Pole Christmas village. At Grouse Mountain, you will find deer farms, Santa’s homes, and ice skating rinks that can come from the Lapland area, they look original.

Reykjavik (Iceland)

Christmas Background

Interestingly, Iceland has a local story that tells about 13 Santa Claus with 13 different characters. They will give memorable Christmas gifts to children who are doing well throughout the year. With abundant snow, Iceland is wonderful when visited at Christmas. Especially if you enjoy it while staring at the beautiful aurora borealis with a variety of colors in the Icelandic sky.

Bethlehem (Palestine)

Christmas Background 2021

For Christians, Bethlehem has its place. The city in Palestine, where Jesus was born, became the beginning of Christmas. Without much decoration, Bethlehem becomes a beautiful tourist destination at Christmas with its historical values.

In Bethlehem, in the winter, thousands of people around the world will make a mass pilgrimage. Pilgrims who want to worship will gather on Christmas Eve in Manger Square, then proceed with mass at midnight at the place where Jesus was born.

Nuremberg and Dresden (Germany)

Christmas Background

Germany is home to 70 Christmas markets (Christkindlesmarkt) in the world. One of the most popular of them is the City of Nuremberg. Just imagine, in Nuremberg, you can find 200 stalls selling various handicrafts, traditional toys, wine, and delicious gingerbread.

More than that, Nuremberg also decorates itself beautifully and beautifully using beautiful Christmas lights. Which then combined with the white snow in the middle of the city, making the Christmas atmosphere feels thicker. Naturally, if every year, Nuremberg is visited by more than two million visitors each year.

The beautiful city of Dresden is known for its Meissen porcelain, opera house, and some of the most famous composers in the world. The city is also home to native Europeans and Christkindlmarkt or the oldest Natar market. Very suitable as a holiday destination for Christmas and New Year.

Copenhagen (Denmark)

Christmas Background

Copenhagen is Scandinavia’s most vibrant and affordable capital city. Small and friendly, this is a place where people, rather than cars, determine their speed, making their pre-Christmas activities easier to navigate. The city streets are transformed every year by half a million lights and hundreds of Christmas trees that form an extraordinary background for your winding party.

Manchester (England)

Christmas Background

In Manchester, you can try to find delicious food and drinks at Christmas Markets. Christmas Markets is one of the most beautiful backgrounds in the city of Manchester because it is in the Albert Square area near the Manchester Town Hall building.

Lapland (Finland)

Christmas Background

Located in the northern region of the Arctic Circle, Lapland City in Finland is considered by many to be the original residence of Santa Claus. For Finnish residents, Christmas means it’s time to go on a safari with the deer, watch the elves make and package presents, and take a cake-making class with Mrs Claus.

For those of you who like the aurora borealis, Lapland City is also an attractive choice while celebrating Christmas. No less beautiful than Iceland, of course.

Vienna and Salzburg (Austria)

Christmas Background

Decorated with a variety of ancient buildings, Vienna presents a charming Christmas atmosphere for every resident and visitor. While in Vienna, don’t miss the legendary performance of the Vienna Boys Choir complete with impressive Christmas performances.

Because in Vienna, both shows have become the most favourite Christmas icons and must watch when Christmas comes. For those of you who like to shop or take pictures, you can visit the Christmas Market.

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Because there is a Christmas market in Vienna that originated in the late 13th century, so it is not only rich in historical value but also presents a different Christmas atmosphere. Especially with the sparkling decoration of the charming Christmas lights.

Salzburg, There is Mozart’s birthplace, which is an amazing and proud winter wonder, one of the best Christmas markets in Austria.

Madrid (Spain)

Christmas Background

The capital of Spain is famous for partying, and Christmas is no exception. Plaza Mayor’s Christmas Market is probably the largest you will find in Madrid. There are plenty of ice rinks throughout the city and shiny shop windows with a beautiful display.

Budapest (Hungaria)

Christmas Background

Budapest Middle Ages is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Especially in winter, when snowflakes turn historic towns into fairy tales. Visit one of the famous city baths and thaw yourself in a heated swimming pool, skating on Lake Varosligeti To. If you have the energy, hop on to Vajdahunyad Castle to enjoy some of the best views of Budapest.

Paris (France)

Christmas Background

The most romantic city in the world has never done anything in half, especially during Christmas celebrations. At that moment, you will find beautiful lights twinkling sparkling. You can go to Place la Concorde and ride the giant Ferris wheel to see the beautiful scenery from the very bright lights or look at the incredible Eiffel Tower.

Rome (Italy)

Christmas Background

Around the world, Christians generally flock to decorate the streets toward their nearest church on Christmas Eve to celebrate midnight mass. If you want to celebrate the birth of Christ with thousands of people, go to Rome.

Brussels (Belgia)

Christmas Background

Chocolate, waffles and delicious Belgian doughnuts, as well as two saints, Saint Nicholas and Pere Noel, make this Belgian capital very enjoyable at Yuletide (a mid-winter festival in celebration of Christmas).

‘Winter Wonders’ Winter Christmas Market, offering 2 kilometres of stalls, exhibition grounds with giant Ferris wheels and sledge tracks, a series of music concerts, and lights at the famous Grand Place. Brussels is one of the best places in the world to spend Christmas.

Aspen, New Orleans and New York (USA)

Christmas Background

White Christmas is guaranteed in the mountain town and famous ski resort in Colorado, Aspen. The place was packed with alpine lodges and comfortable homes to take shelter from the cold and share in lively cheer.

Riverboat river cruises and lively street trams are one of the main attractions in the city that has become wild to all things Chrimbo. And be sure to include a sparkling Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center on your travel agenda while in New York. The reason, 30 thousand fairy lights are a sight that is very dear to miss.

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