Destinations in Africa that Inspire Lion King Movie

The animated film Lion King from Disney is airing and being discussed. For those of you who claim to be Lion King lovers, this is a destination in Africa that is the inspiration for the film.

The new live-action version of the same film in 1994 ago, the Lion King film got a new ‘breath’ in theaters now. Only though different in image quality and other aspects, the film is still inspired by the life of wild fauna in the African Continent.

That fact was once mentioned by the assistant director of the 1994 Lion King film Roger Allers in a Disney blog that has now been deleted. Collected by from various sources, here are some places:

Samburu National Park

Located in the Samburu district, central Kenya , Samburu National Park was visited directly by the Lion King production team. There, Roger’s team did a safari directly using a jeep.

“We passed a savanna in an open-air vehicle to see animals, but not much can be drawn because the animals were too fast. Instead we took photos,” Roger said. In the language of the Maasai tribe, Samburu means butterfly. For information, the national park is also home to a number of indigenous Kenyans.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

The next destination is the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Sarara, Kenya. As the name implies, this destination also offers facilities for overnight stays such as camping and more. Only though it is designated as a campsite, in fact the national park is very guarding the beauty of this place. Not a few wild animals live in this conservation area.

Hell’s Gate National Park

Many people say if the rock where Rafiki holds Simba’s baby is inspired by one of the spots in Hell’s Gate National Park. Even though it wasn’t true, this national park also inspired the Lion King movie.

“There are many things that are lifted from the landscape, but we use a lot of inspiration. Many people say that ‘Pride Rock’ comes from the mountains here, but they are all wrong,” Roger said. Interestingly, a traveler can do hiking activities in this national park. Given the number of lions is quite limited and dominated by herbivorous fauna such as giraffes and others.

Serengeti National Park

Having an area of ​​more than 14 thousand square kilometers, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is home to 10 thousand lions in the world. Maybe this national park is the most possible for a traveler to meet lions in the wild.

In the past, the Lion King production team also visited the national park to find film inspiration in its natural habitat. There is even one spot similar to the scene where Mufasa fell from a cliff and was hit by a flock of bulls.

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