The all-natural attractions in Japan are outstanding. One is Lake Mashu, called Lake of the Gods as well as the clearest lake in Japan however can not be touched! Japan always swipes the hearts of travelers. Its landscape, conventional society, municipal city life to buying spending make visitors constantly want to go back there.

Tokyo, Osaka and also Kyoto are prominent names. But now allow’s most likely to Hokkaido, the island in northern Japan that is no less captivating. Reporting from the, Hokkaido is not only concerning snow. Hokkaido has intriguing all-natural attractions such as Lake Mashu.

The name of Lake Mashu may not know to you. This lake is located in the eastern component of Hokkaido, within the Akan-Mashu National forest area. The closest city is Kushiro, a range of around 70 kilometers. You can take an auto from Kushiro for 1 hr to get to the national forest.

Lake Mashuko

What’s Unique about Mashu Lake?

You recognize, Lake Mashu is promoted as the clearest lake in Japan as well as even on the planet. The surface of the water is so tranquil like glass, reflecting clouds overhead. The lake is bordered by green hills. So stunning is the panorama indeed, it should make you fall in love!

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Lake Mashu was developed from a volcanic eruption concerning 2,000 years ago. The lake is surrounded by crater wall surfaces and steep high cliffs. The depth of the lake gets to 212 meters which are among the inmost lakes in Japan. For the Ainu people which is an aboriginal people in Hokkaido, Lake Mashu is referred to as ‘Kamuito’ which implies Lake of the Gods. This lake was detoxified by them.

The Ainu believe that a female spirit lives in a lake. They claim, if there are people either guys or women who attempt to obtain near to the lake and see the surface of the water which is usually covered in fog, he will certainly suffer rotten luck. Initially, men are bad professions and women will certainly not have youngsters. Speaking of fog, the examination of Lake Mashu is usually shrouded in haze. Note, 100 days a year.

One more intriguing point from Lake Mashu is that visitors are forbidden from coming close to the lake. The Japanese Ministry of the Setting purely prohibits visitors from approaching the lakeshore also to touch the lake water! Because to get to the edge of the lake calls for a hard struggle. As discussed previously, the sides of the lake are full of cliff contours.

There are no ramps on the edge of the lake so it is dangerous for safety. In addition, the Japanese federal government truly wants to maintain the naturalness of Lake Mashu. So you know, the Japan government has long prohibited people from approaching the lake. So that the pureness is kept!

But you do not be disappointed, it does not mean you can not come in, you can not see. There is an area to see Lake Mashu from Akan-Mashu National Forest. There are even a monitoring tower and a number of traveling paths in the national forest featuring a panoramic view of this lake.

Lake Mashuko

How to Reach from Tokyo?

First, all you have to do to reach Lake Mashu is head to the city of Kushiro. You can use a direct flight from Tokyo to Kushiro with a duration of 1.35 hours. After arriving in Kushiro City, you can use the following means of transportation:

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By car

As a result of extremely inadequate mass transit, the recommended way to check out Lake Mashu is by rental vehicle. The observation decks forgetting the lake can be gotten to in a little over an hour from Flight terminal or in 20-30 minutes from Kawayu.

Due to the fact that public transportation is seldom and bothersome, a rental car is recommended for accessing and exploring Mashu National forest. By vehicle, the park can be gotten to within 1-2 hours from Bihoro, Kushiro or Abashiri. Car rental electrical outlets are available at the flight terminals, in Kushiro, and in Abashiri.

By bus

From very early February to mid-March (February 1 to March 20) as well as from April with November, infrequent buses run between Mashu Terminal and also observation deck leading (20 mins, around 550 yen one means). During the rest of the year, there is no bus solution to Lake Mashu.

The bus runs a couple of buses daily in between Kushiro as well as Lake Akan in the park’s western section year-round, in addition to a few irregular bus lines around Kawayu, Lake Mashu and also Lake Kussharo. Regular bus service between the park’s western and also eastern portions is provided only throughout some weeks in summer as well as autumn. Akan Bus likewise runs a couple of taking in the sights bus tours.

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