The prestigious Oscar 2020 award is back. The Dolby Theater in Los Angeles was back to venues. A traveler can visit this prestigious venue.

Following the past, Oscar 2020 resumed at the Dolby Theater which has been an Oscar subscription for many years. As written on its website, Dolby Theater has been a permanent venue for Oscars since 2001.

The exact location is at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, California, USA. This magnificent and elegant place is planned not only to be visited by world celebrities but also to be visited by tourists for vacation.

There are already quite a lot of prestigious events and musical performances that take place there. Some of the shows are the Oscar Cup, American Idol, AFI Life Achievement Award and ESPY Awards.

While world singers who have performed there such as Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Stevie Wonder, and others.

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Dolby Theater is touted as the most famous stage in the world since it opened in November 2001. There are always music events, awards and exciting shows that are held there every month.

After Oscar 2020 has been waiting for several concerts from big names such as the KEANE band, legendary country singer Dolly Parton and various other Broadway-class musicals.

Dolby Theater Los Angeles

For travellers who want to see first hand the magnificent Oscar 2020 venue, you can take a tour organized by the manager. The tour price is USD 25 for adults and USD 19 for children under 17 years.

During the tour, a traveller will be invited to see the legendary Oscar statue and visit Dolby Lounge and exclusive spots for world celebrities. It also includes photos and notes from the last Oscars.

Surely it was an exciting experience for travellers who want to feel the magnificent atmosphere of an international event Oscar class when visiting Los Angeles.

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