Japan offers a lot of things for tourists to visit. Big cities like Tokyo offer a never-ending stop from modernity and the beating of urban life. Some people might be a little awkward when they first arrive and immediately greeted with the density of experience in this city.

The first-time vacation to Japan, of course, you need to prepare everything. Especially if you are travelling backpacker without going on a tour, once there, expand the information to facilitate your tourist activities. The goal is that you know the location of the location you want to go to, transportation routes, and regional maps, so as not to get lost in Japan. You must download these applications on your smartphone.

Below is a Japanese travel application that you must download for your Guide:

Japan Connected Apps

This application will be very useful if you need an internet connection in Japan. With this application, you can connect to free wifi networks around you. Will continue to be related to this application even if you move. Travelling becomes more economical because you don’t need to buy a local SIM card, or pay for roaming fees.

GuruNavi Apps

Besides having beautiful natural scenery, Japan also has delicious culinary wisdom. Instead of confusing you in choosing where to eat, you should use the GuruNavi application instead. This application will provide all the information about the best restaurants, cafes, and shops that you can adjust your criteria.

What makes this application so unique is that you can search for restaurants based on location, category, meal times, and price range criteria. This is what makes GuruNavi the best culinary application in Japan.

Tokyo Rail Map Apps

This application you must have because it is very helpful when you are on vacation in Japan. The primary function of the Tokyo Rail Map is to show train schedules, from the departure station to your destination station.

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The application can tell you what train to take, what time, change route at what station, and time of arrival at the destination station. Available in various languages, namely English, Korean, Thai, and Chinese. Tokyo Rail Map app will make it easier for you because of this application connected to the entire railway network in Japan.

Hyperdia Apps

Hyperdia is the application that you must have. Hyperdia provides complete information about public transportation trips in Japan. Where to go, using what transportation and costs, wholly presented in the application, from flights, buses, Shinkansen trains to regular commuter lines, all information is here.

Halal Navi Apps

Don’t know where you will find halal food? You must have Halal Navi. They will provide information about various halal culinary destinations around where you are. If you have the Halal Navi app, travellers don’t need to worry anymore about halal food. The type of food also varies depending on tourist tastes, from ramen outlets to bento.

Japan Official Travel Apps (JNTO) Apps

Japan Official Travel Application is the official travel guide application of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). JNTO is Japan’s official tourism agent. They have complete information about destinations throughout Japan. What is interesting, the top destinations, how to go. In this way, you can decide where you want to go.

Imiwa? Apps

Imiwa is a Free Japanese dictionary for iOS. With this application, you can search for the meaning of kanji, kana, romaji, or word in one of the supported foreign languages. Imiwa? will automatically find and translate what you are looking for.

Yomiwa Apps

Yomiwa is a cool dictionary application that you can download while in Japan. The advantage that you can get from this application is offline mode. With various Japanese languages such as Hiraganas, Katakanas, Kanjis, Romaji, Yomiwa can recognize more than 4000 Japanese characters in pictures or photos from your camera.

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