A sad sight was seen at Disneyland Hong Kong recently. This family tourist spot was observed to be quiet due to the prolonged demonstrations by residents since last June.

Reporting from CNN Travel, Thursday (9/26), the conditions were quite looking at this amusement park dubbed ‘Happiest Place on Earth’. In fact, it is currently the end of the summer in Hong Kong, where many families should spend time at Disneyland.

This quiet condition can be seen from the line at most rides at Disneyland Hong Kong. Usually, the queue looks snaking and it takes at least half an hour to be able to play on certain rides.

Meanwhile, the cups on the Mad Hatter Tea Cups giant rides did not seem to be full as usual. This situation illustrates how sad Disneyland Hong Kong is after the impact of massive demonstrations since June.

Hong Kong’s Finance Secretary, Paul Chan, in a post on his personal blog mentioned pro-democracy protests had raged since June and had hit the Hong Kong economy hard. “The tourism, retail, and hotel industries are all suffering,” Chan wrote.

Chan then revealed, tourist arrivals only slightly decreased in July, ie a decrease of 5 percent from the same time last year. However, the fall actually fell in August which reached 40 percent.

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The hotel sector is also suffering, Chan continued. The conditions are already visible, among other things the number of dwellings has been reduced by half, and room rates have fallen by 40 percent to 70 percent.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong International Airport recorded a 12.4 percent reduction in more passengers in August compared to the same time in 2018. However, of all the declines, conditions at Hong Kong Disneyland were the worst. Therefore, the decline occurred in the entire vehicle at the playground.

In addition to the giant cup rides, the benches on the Hyperspace Mountain ride are also quiet. Likewise in the rides Its A Small World. Some visitors seemed to sit alone in the empty row of the vehicle.

In addition to local tourists, foreign tourists are also no longer interested in coming to Disneyland Hong Kong. This was partly triggered by the actions of the demonstrators who massively broadcast advertisements in the mass media and social media.

Apparently, the messages and pictures have a negative effect. Dozens of countries have issued travel warnings for Hong Kong, and travelers have also obeyed.

“There were very few visitors this summer,” said a Disneyland employee who declined to be named. “Everyone is on vacation, so there should be more people coming. But there are fewer tourists (who come,” he continued).

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