Arab Emirates – Dubai seems to have no sense of attracting tourists. One of them is by building an icon in the form of the world’s largest gold-plated photo frame, Dubai Frame. Tours in Dubai won’t be complete if you don’t stop by at the Burj Khalifa. Want to attract the world, Dubai then built a new icon called Dubai Frame.

Dubai Frame has an unusual shape, which is a picture frame. Accidentally built-in Zabeel Park, Dubai Frame became the boundary between Old Dubai and New Dubai. From the outside, Dubai Frame looks so sparkling because it is gold plated. Built within 5 years, Dubai Frame spent up to 130 million AED or 35 million in USD.

How much is the entrance fee?

This giant photo frame has a height of 150 meters. Its enormous size makes Dubai Frame officially the world’s largest building with a frame shape. Tourists can explore the inside of the Dubai Frame by paying for a ticket of 50 Dirhams. At the entrance to the building, all visitors will be inspected by security officers. Passing a beautiful park decorated with motivational words from Sheikh Mohammed, Ruler of Dubai, tourists can take pictures with the background of the Dubai Frame.

When entering the Dubai Frame, the museum visitors will be examined once again using an x-ray scan. Items such as lighters are not permitted to be carried up. Towards a theater room, the visitors are invited to see the past life of the people of Dubai. Some Dubai residents live in the desert, the rest work as fishermen. Pearl traders and divers are also part of Dubai’s identity. The abundant Arabian Gulf is helping the people of Dubai to reach markets in other countries such as Iran.

After entering Dubai Frame, visitors are directed to take the elevator. In just seconds, visitors can arrive at an altitude of 150 meters. High technology makes the ears don’t hurt when rising to the top.

Dubai Frame, the Largest Gold-Plated Photo Frame in the World

The main attraction of the Dubai Frame?

Up to the summit, visitors are calmed by 360-degree views from inside the museum. In the center of the museum, a transparent glass looks like a bridge. This ‘bridge’ is made different from other floors. Transparent white glass and extending from the end of the elevator to the elevator exit.

Dubai Miracle Garden The Biggest Flower Field in the World

This is the main attraction. Museum officials will invite visitors to walk on the 93-meter bridge. Once the floor is stepped on, the white glass will turn transparent. The view is the pool and the garden in Zabeel Park. You are allowed to take pictures with a squat pose or kneel. But don’t try to pose to sit or lie down, you will be scolded later. This position is prohibited when taking pictures on the bridge because it will disturb the comfort of other visitors.

Attractions near Dubai frame

As mentioned above, the museum is made transparent in 360 degrees. On the left, there is a view of Old Dubai, while on the right is New Dubai. Old Dubai offers views of flats and factories. Whereas the Burj Khalifa and other skyscrapers are in New Dubai. For souvenir collectors, there is a coin-printing machine with a picture of the Dubai Frame. You can get this souvenir coin in an independent printing machine for 1 Dirham.

Who wants to take a selfie! Dubai Frame also provides an extraordinary photo booth for visitors. Even though it can’t be printed, your photo will be displayed near the exit of the museum. Satisfied with the contents of the Dubai Frame, tourists will still be served 1 more show. Down from the elevator, there will be a theater room like the entrance.

What makes the difference is the content of the show. In this space, Dubai shows off its vision in the next 15 years. Chill again, this room is 3 dimensional. Public space will be more sophisticated and full of technology. Air transportation is becoming more personal and rich in innovation. Similarly, with the medical.

Dubai Frame, the Largest Gold-Plated Photo Frame in the World

Dubai looks ambitious with medical marriages and technology. Sophisticated 3-dimensional printing innovation will be made into an artificial organ printing tool. So that transplantation no longer requires a long time. The show is only 15 minutes long. But Dubai’s dream seemed guaranteed by all visitors. Reflecting on current development, it feels like Dubai’s dream in the next 15 years is no joke.

Out of the performance hall, a gift shop was waiting. Visitors can look around, shop, or leave the museum directly. But yes, a deep impression was successfully inscribed by Dubai Frame to every visitor who came.

Architecture Design

Taking design, as well as creativity to the following degree, this colossal framework steps virtually five hundred feet high and also three hundred feet broad. The sparkling glass structure that you regard as a thin framework is an entirely new world from within.

This 47-storeyed tall framework includes two observation systems, one at the top, and one at the base, where one can spectate a mind-blowing view of the city’s wonderful skyline.

The framework gauges 150 meters high as well as 93 meters large. It was constructed utilizing two thousand tons of steel and more than 2,900 square meters of laminated glass. It boasts fifteen thousand square meters of gold cladding. The gold ring layout on the structure was motivated by the Expo 2020 logo design.

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