Dubai Miracle Garden The Biggest Flower Field in the World

Travel Ideas ~ Dubai Miracle Garden must be included on the agenda of your holiday destination when you go to Dubai. Tourists can see the colorful fields of flowers that bloom. Miraculously, the flowers bloom beautifully in the middle of the desert!

In addition to the Burj Khalifah, Dubai Mall, and the typical Middle East desert tours that are the pride of the people of Dubai, Miracle Garden is also a must-go destination when going to Dubai. This park is more than 72,000 square meter park. The park is intentionally planted with more than 50 million beautiful flowers and 250 million plants from many parts of the world.

Look at the official website of Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Miracle Garden is included in a magnificent project that proves that Dubai is a world-class and unique destination. Though Dubai is known to have a very hot desert climate that does not allow the flowers to bloom beautifully.

That proves that Dubai designed it by utilizing advanced science and technology. The possibility of the park uses an irrigation system and utilizes waste with the correct method so that millions of flowers can grow perfectly.

Here, tourists can see 45 types of flowers with a combination of purple, red, yellow, white, pink and many more. Of course, it’s all very tempting eyes and makes tourists feel at home relaxing, even in the middle of the distinctive hot sun in the desert.

The collection of flowers is turned into a quirky work of art. Some beautiful formations such as car parks, hearts, pyramids, towers, houses in fairy tales, giant flowers, statues, and other unique shapes. These shapes are made in accordance with the image of the city of Dubai that is sparkling and rich. Surely you immediately rush to pose in the middle of the world’s most magnificent flower fields.

Increasingly the Dubai Miracle Garden continues to showcase new attractions to attract the attention of tourists of all ages, such as the Butterfly Garden which will soon open. Facilities that can be enjoyed by tourists while relaxing there are also complete and adequate.

Dubai Miracle Garden is located in the city center, next to a skyscraper, precisely in Al Barsha South 3, Barsha / Dubailand Area, Dubai, UAE. Open every day, 09.00-22.00 local time on weekdays. While tourists who come there during the weekend can be from 09.00-23.00 local time. Free!

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